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3 tips for choosing a fab footstool

Often considered a non-essential item of furniture in British households, the mighty footstool is now making a comeback, as more and more people see the merit in having a comfy pew to raise their feet up on.

  • Discover the alternative uses a footstool can have in your living spaces
  • We reveal the 3 best fabric types for footstool styles
  • Find out the secret to making sure your new footstool fits in perfectly

Product featured: The Dauntsey footstool shown in Linen Iceberg from £435

Contrary to what you might think, a footstool isn’t just an investment for your feet. Instead, today’s top contemporary styles offer so much more. So, here are 3 top tips to help you find the right style to suit your home and lifestyle.

1. Consider its alternative uses

Footstools offer far more value in everyday life then you might initially appreciate on the surface. Far from being a luxury furniture piece, it also serves multiple other purposes in homes today. From additional seating to accommodate house guests, to an extra “side” in your living room to rest magazines, books and TV remotes on. Maybe even a coffee table when you’re short of a place to rest a tray of drinks – the possibilities are endless here. But, that’s all on top of its primary use as a soft surface to elevate your feet upon of course!

So, don’t underestimate how adaptable and handy footstools can be day-to-day. The right style can seriously improve your everyday living for the better, so bear in mind what else a footstool might come in handy for in your home. And, ensure the style you select can tick all the relevant boxes you require.

Product featured: The Sopworth footstool shown in Linen Cotton Cobalt from £535

 2. Take durability into account when choosing fabrics

Even if the only thing you ever use your footstool for is resting your weary and tired tootsies at the end of a long day, the fact remains that the fabric will be subject to daily friction and contact. So, it’s best to opt for a hard-wearing material that can withstand rubbing for longer before it starts to show signs of wear.

Fabrics such as our luxuriously soft matt velvets, cool and refreshing cottons and weighty broad weave linens should all be considered, as these contain fibres that are naturally resistant to bobbling brought about by repeated rubbing.

Product featured: The Burcombe footstool shown in House Velvet Mole from £405

3. Make sure the style works in its intended space

Footstools come in all shapes and sizes: From sleek and minimal contemporary designs to antique-inspired styles with castor feet and diamond pleat details. So, the great news is, it’s never been easier to find an option to fit in with your existing décor.

The other thing to consider when it comes to footstools is the dimensions and shape. So, if you’re space-strapped or have to navigate narrow openings or entryways when accessing your home, make sure you measure up to ensure the footstool won’t overwhelm its intended position in your living room.

Product featured: The Foxley footstool shown in Stain Resistant Linen Cotton Chilli from £545

4. How to guarantee your style will fit

If you want to make sure your footstool will fit around your existing furniture, map out the space it’ll occupy using newspaper or sheets of plain A4 paper. This will help you get a realistic feel for its footprint and how it affects the flow of the room once in position. And, don’t forget to take into consideration the amount of space between the footstool and the sofa you’ll be sitting on. So, when you’re sitting right back, and your legs are extended, this will ensure the footstool is comfortably within reach.

Product featured: The Ferne footstool shown in Stain Resistant Linen Cotton Dove from £415

So, there you have it, our 3 top tips for choosing a fab footstool: consider its alternative uses in your living space, take into account the fabric durability for your style, and ensure your footstool fits perfectly once delivered.

To see the full range of styles available visit our website. Or, if you have any questions, contact our Customer Service team on 020 8939 3800.

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