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5 fun DIY crafts to try out at home

At Willow & Hall we love making things by hand. After all, you only have to look at our handcrafted British furniture to appreciate that. But we’re not alone in our love of crafts. All over the Internet and social media, a community of crafters are busy creating tutorials that demonstrate just how easy it is to put your mind, and fingers, to good use – creating handmade home touches with just a small array of materials.
So, being the pioneers of handcrafting that we are, we’ve pulled together a few fun and simple crafts for you to try your hand at. Not only does each one come with just a few short instructions to follow, but they all result in a beautiful new item for your living spaces too. So, without further ado, here’s our crafty top 5.

Get green fingers with a homemade terrarium

Cacti and succulents are easy to look after – great for if you’re on the go a lot, as neither requires too much watering or TLC to stay perky. And, what better way to make a feature of your newfound plant life than with a stylish terrarium? Pricey to buy pre-made, but as this video from Real Simple demonstrates, making one from scratch is quick, easy and even enjoyable. What’s more, you probably already own most of the materials. Or, if not, you can find them at the drop of a hat. So, there’s no excuse for not giving this one a go. Plus, they make great gifts for birthdays, and other special occasions too.

Recycle wine bottles into vases or candle holders

Recycling wine bottles is given a unique and original twist in this feature as seen on Crafts By Amanda. After all, why put them into a bottle bank, when you can turn each one into a decorative home ornament instead? Not only are Amanda’s painted bottles pretty, but they’re also practical to use around the home too. Each one doubles up as a vase for stem flowers or an eye-catching candleholder. And, you can decorate the bottles in any colour or design you like – which you’ll be able to do with confidence, thanks to this handy step-by-step guide, that shows you how.

Turn old cardboard into a super stylish clock

Who’d think that a glue gun, spray paint and some cardboard tubes could add up to a wall clock? Moreover a stylish one. But, that’s exactly what Ideal Home have created in this DIY post. You can source the materials easily and inexpensively on the UK high street. And, if black isn’t to your taste you can opt for a colour that ties in with your unique home décor instead. Plus, why stop at clocks? This one also lends itself to a great picture frame surround too – perfect if you’re looking for something to frame that special photo.

Create cool and colourful quote wall art

This one comes courtesy of Country Living Magazine’s U.S edition but the materials are easy to track down in the UK too. Best of all, it’s a chance to use up of scraps of fabric – perfect for those off cuts you don’t know what to do with. In just 3 easy steps you can immortalise your favourite film, or motivational quote, to make your living spaces look pretty and fun. Plus, why stop at one? A few of these grouped together makes a great statement for a bedroom, hallway or a bathroom, where visiting family and friends can enjoy your handiwork too.

 Turn a ball of twine into a pendant shade

Pendant lamps make an instant statement in any living space but getting an impactful one that also complements your home décor can be a tedious task. So, instead why not make one? As this YouTube video from Ventuno Art demonstrates, it’s easy to take something everyday and reimagine it with a little vision. This one’s a little messy so prepare to get your hands dirty. But, it’s also fun too which makes it ideal as a craft the kids can get involved in.

3 of our favourite YouTube crafters

YouTube is a great source for finding craft inspiration. Here’s 3 DIY tutorials we found, that are full of bright ideas for brightening up your home. What’s more, they’re also exceedingly easy to make too and many can be customised with colour to tie in with your own scheme at home. So, they can refresh tired spaces in an instant.

Some great ideas when it comes to recycling old and unwanted household items. In short, you’ll never look at nails and string in the same way again.

A few short, and slightly longer craft projects you can do indoors with minimal materials. So, great for entertaining yourself and others on a wet and windy day when going outside doesn’t appeal.

If you have kids at home, this video will help you find inventive ways of decorating their room on a budget. What’s more, they can also lend a helping hand too.

4 crafty instgrammers to follow now

Mini makes you can do in five minutes or under.

Ideas delivered in video tutorials.

A community of crafters collected in one place.

Inspirational crafts sourced from around the globe.

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