Choosing Your Sofa Bed Mattress

With the exception of The Appley, every sofa bed we offer at Willow & Hall comes with a choice of 3 mattress types. Allowing you to select the style, firmness and support level you prefer. In fact, our 3 styles couldn't be more different. So, in this guide we’ll take you through the differences between our sofa bed mattresses to help choose the one that's best suited to you.

The Appley Sofa Bed - the seats become the mattress in this sofa bed style

Things to consider

Who'll be using your sofa bed the most - and how often? How much you like your sofa bed mattress to mould to you as you move and the thickness you prefer your mattress to be - and the filling. But remember, no matter which type you choose, each of our sofa beds comes with 10 year mattress guarantee and our patented 2-fold mechanism. So without further ado, let's get you up to speed with the mattresses you'll be offered when you place your sofa bed order with us…

Open Sprung

We offer our open sprung mattress as standard on all our sofa bed orders so there are no add-ons to your basket when you choose this 14cm deep and signature W&H style. This sofa bed mattress has layer upon layer of soft upholstery, insulated quilting and individually heat treated springs. Plus, we use the finest Irish damask on our hand quilted cover so there's no skimping on quality. Which is why we can offer a 10-year guarantee on our sofa bed mattress styles, knowing that each one is handmade to last.

Open Sprung is ideal if… you like a little bit of give but still with bags of support at the same time.

Our open sprung mattress

Pocket Sprung

If you like a sofa bed mattress type that contours to your body as you move then pocket sprung is a top choice. This duel-sided mattress is full of insulation and upholstery from top to bottom, 1000 individually heat-treated British pocket springs and a luxuriously thick 14cm deep filling. Each pocket sprung spring moves independently, giving you the upmost support as you move around in your sleep. Plus, with one of our signature hand tufted Irish damask covers, this sofa bed mattress is exceedingly comfortable to sleep on too.

Pocket Sprung is ideal if… your sofa bed is likely to be used by a couple, because the pocket springs recede and expand one by one.

Our pocket sprung mattress

Memory Foam

Our memory foam is our most luxurious sofa bed mattress option. This 12cm deep mattress is bursting with high quality visco foam, a luxurious mattress cover in beautiful Belgian damask and intelligent fibres to keep you cool throughout the night. Our memory foam mattress is especially recommended if you suffer from a bad back. The support it gives helps to relieve joint pressure. Resulting in a blissful night of uninterrupted slumber.

Memory Foam is ideal if... you're a problem sleeper who likes maximum support, as Memory Foam moulds to you seamlessly.

Our memory foam mattress

Hopefully this has helped give you an overview of each of our custom sofa bed mattress styles. However we're always here to offer our advice. You can talk to any member of our team, 5 days a week, by calling 020 8938 3800. So don't hesitate to get in touch if you need a little more guidance.


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