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5 W&H goodies with an antique look

In interiors, just like in fashion, some trends stay and others come and go. But for the ones that pass by like ships in the night, it’s only a matter of time before we see them come sailing back full circle. But what if you could fill your home year-round with period style pieces? Not only in a design you love, but also in an exact fabric of your choice too?

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s possible! We’ve pulled together an edit of some of our handcrafted to order beauties that we think, to the unsuspecting eye, can pass for a genuine antique. So, if you long for a furniture piece of history, but the idea of pre-owned doesn’t appeal, try one of these made-to-order goodies instead.

The Milbourne Corner Sofa/Sofa Bed

milbourne very finalProduct featured: The Milbourne corner sofa/sofa bed shown in House Linen Laurel from £2,088 and £2,425

With its acorn shaped feet (hand carved of course), curved corners and piped trim surround, The Milbourne has all the markings of an antique, but with the convenience of a practical family-sized sofa.

The Wardour Sofa/Sofa Bed

wardour final Product featured: The Wardour sofa/sofa bed shown in Cotton Natural from £1,013 and £1,187

Slim and defined scroll arms were a defining characteristic of Victorian regency furniture and The Wardour sofa bed offers a beautifully executed, modern interpretation of this ornate bygone style.

The Hannington Headboard

hannington finalProduct featured: The Hannington headboard shown in Textured Linen Smoke Blue from £300

If it’s French Empire style that sets your world alight then The Hannington is the headboard for you. Tall and shapely, with gently sloped contours, The Hannington bears all the classic imprints of this defining European furniture period.

The Buttermere Armchair

buttermere finalProduct featured: The Buttermere armchair shown in Country Linen Zinc from £540

The Buttermere’s padded bolster arms are reminiscent of colonial British style. As well as being supremely stylish to look at, we’re pleased to say it’s comfy to curl up on too.

The Burcombe Footstool

burcombe blogProduct featured: The Burcombe footstool shown in Matt Velvet Mole from £351

There’s nothing about The Burcombe footstool that doesn’t exude baroque design. Studded surround? Check. Button topped? Check. Wooden feet? Check. Unbelievably brand new? Check.

Despite their deceptively age-old appearance, these beauties are all genuinely handmade to order in our very own workshop in Wiltshire. And there’s more where they came from too. Visit our website to see the full range of sofas, sofa beds, beds and accessories. Or if you have any questions, you can ask our Customer Service team by calling 0845 468 0577 or emailing

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