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Summer has always been a time to visit others and accept visitors in turn. Now, whilst the mere thought of it may leave some running, keys in hand, one hopes that should you find yourself with guests to bed that you’d consider our rather lovely range of sofa beds. Gone are the days where they’re itchy, ache inducing and quite frankly, an unpleasant sight. We’ve done our research, tested and produced a range of sofa-beds that are easy on the eye as well as comfortable.

A couple of popular choices are the Appley and the Burstow. The Appley is plush with padding and has a very useful feature – wheels. Easy to manoeuvre, it comes in one seater as well as two and three so you can use it and your space wisely.

The Burstow has a classic design and comes with a handmade, 14cm deep sprung mattress. Pulling it out and putting it back in is trouble free and we’ve made sure there is none of that irritating hassle involved.

After you’ve added the bedding and a few choice cushions, all you need to do is lay out some towels and add a few finishing touches.

Just lighting a scented candle can transform a room. Go for a lighter scent like vanilla or lavender. Both are relaxing scents and aren’t cloying like other stronger ones like sandalwood or amber.

Another sweet (please mind the pun) gesture would be a mint on the pillow – a little old school and to be taken with humour.

It’s the little details that make a guest feel cared for.  After all, being called a host with the most is no bad thing!

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