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Willow & Hall Blitz party competition winner


Thanks to all of you who entered into our competition to win two tickets to the upcoming London Blitz party.  We had some fantastic and rather eccentric entries telling us why you love the UK so thanks to all of you who entered.  As promised, we put all the entries into our knitted hat and pulled out one at random.  We’re delighted to announce that the winner is Paul Rew who said:

Our ditzy, daft, absurd, inexplicable love of entertaining (and embarrassing) ourselves through amateur theatre. Last night saw me, along with other 60+ year old something fellow thespians (our group is called ‘Two Score Years and 10 +’) , decked out in Elizabethan costume, prancing around a minute stage in front of a paying audience – composed mainly of friends who’d just rolled in to our studio theatre from a Ludlow pub – to see our (often unintentionally) hilarious version of Twelfth Night. Agony on both sides, no doubt, yet we all loved and they all loved it. Only the British..!

Congratulations Paul.  Two tickets will be winging their way via email to you today so you can join this fab party celebrating Blighty’s wartime revelry and forties glamour (


Best wishes,

The Willow and Hall Team

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