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How to keep your interiors fresh

There’s such an immense sense of satisfaction when you finish decorating a room in your home. Finally, you can put the DIY, paintbrushes, and fabric swatches to bed. And just sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour and your shiny new interiors.

But, as any renter or homeowner knows, keeping your interiors as fresh as the day you decorated isn’t always easy. Especially on top of all the other things you have to contend with day to day.

Like most things in life your home needs a little nurturing to stay at its best. So here are a few tips that will keep your interiors feeling fresh and looking fab.

  1. Protect your furniture fabrics

Upholstered furniture can look tired or show signs of age if you don’t look after the fabric. And if these items lose their shine, everything else gets dragged down along with them.

Choosing  fabrics with a high rub count is a great way to future-proof your upholstered furniture and keep it looking fresher for longer. Fabrics with in-built stain resistance can also help to protect furniture fabrics from accidental spills and stains. For total peace of mind you can also take out a fabric protection plan (like Staingard) to clean, repair or replace your fabric within the first 5 years.

  1. Flip and rotate mattresses

We spend half our lives in bed so looking after your mattress is absolutely vital. Even if you invest in a top quality style mattresses need a little TLC to keep them in tiptop shape. And when you’ve spent good money, you’ll want to do everything you can to prolong your mattress’s life for as long as possible.

You should always let any new mattress stand and air for around 4 hours before first using it. But you should also peel off all the bedding weekly to give your mattress the same chance to breathe. Mattresses should be flipped every month (every week for the first few weeks) so both sides settle equally.

  1. Ventilate rooms and introduce fragrance

If you want to keep your interiors feeling fresh, you have to take measures to appeal to your sense of smell. That means keeping your rooms well aired and beautifully fragranced. After all, there are around 5 million receptor smells in the human nose, so appealing to your sense of smell will have a strong impact on the perceived freshness of your living spaces.

Certain smells have a profound effect on our bodies and minds. So as well as opening up your windows to let fresh air circulate at least once daily, you should also introduce fragrance into your home through diffusers, scented candles and fresh flowers. Pleasant smells increase positive feelings. While breathing in clean smells actually inspires people to be more clean and tidy. So adding in uplifting smelling scents is the perfect way to give your interiors an instant freshness boost.

  1. Ensure everything has a place

While accessories give a room a character, and make living spaces feel more homely, take this too far and your interiors can seem cluttered. Which also makes them appear less fresh. Not to mention crowded shelves and sideboards are a magnet for pesky dust too.

While adding your own personal style stamp is important, dressing rooms mindfully and minimally is key to keeping them fresh. Making sure everything has a place and a purpose. Ottoman and divan bed styles, as well as chaise sofas with inbuilt storage, are a great solution to combat excess clutter build-up. And by giving everything a designated ‘home’ it’ll be easier to avoid mess accumulating in your interiors too.

  1. Let in as much light as possible

Nothing feels fresher than a bright and airy light-filled room. So taking measures to increase the lightness of your living spaces will up the freshness factor and bring about a feel-good feeling.

Positioning mirrors opposite natural light sources is one way of achieveing this. Any light that enters through the window is reflected in the mirror and throughout the room. Not to mention, mirrors also open up spaces, making rooms feel brighter and bigger. The other way to help increase light within your rooms is to minimise wall art and avoid glossy finishes on furniture. Both of these things actually suck light out of a room, so go for matt wherever possible, and try to cut back on clutter on your walls too.

Ensuring your furniture remains looking its best is extremely important to us, and we’re so confident in the quality of our handmade British furniture that we actually offer a 25-year wood frame guarantee, 10-year mattress guarantee and 30-day no quibble returns. We also empower you to keep your item looking as good as new with our tips on how to look after your Willow & Hall furniture in our Care Guide.

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