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Get ready for Christmas Guests

If the festive period is less about being jolly, and more about juggling bodies in your household, then you’re not alone. Christmas might still be weeks away, but it’s never too early to start thinking about where you’re going to put everyone…which is precisely why we’ve compiled our expert advice to help you get ready for Christmas Guests. After all, if there’s one thing our team Willow & Hall excel at, it’s finding stylish and practical solutions to accommodating extra guests. So, before you resign yourself to drawing straws to determine who gets the “good bed”, read on to discover how it’s possible for everyone to sleep comfortably this Christmas.

1. Invest in a great quality sofa bed

Christmas Sofa Bed

The Somerton Sofa Bed in Vintage Linen Vintage Grey

Not only is a sofa bed a fantastic space saver, but it transforms any room into a bedroom in an instant, so it’s ideal if you occasionally have overnight guests come to stay. As well as opting for a sofa bed in your living room, you can also furnish studies, playrooms and office spaces with a sofa bed too.

2. Screen off open plan spaces to create temporary room

Open plan is an increasingly popular way to live but the lack of walls and closable doors creates an issue when it comes to accommodating extra guests. To get around this, invest in a screen that you can use to section off areas to create a temporary guest room. This will give your guests privacy and instantly create additional space for overnight visitors to sleep comfortably.

3. Opt for storage beds in a guest room

Christmas guest bed

The Malmesbury Ottoman Storage Bed in Brushed Cotton Shadow

If you’re lucky enough to be able to accommodate an additional bedroom for guests in your home, then make sure when choosing your bed, you go for a storage style. Beds with storage underneath are great for giving you extra space in your home. You can store spare pillows, blankets, towels, and more in them, ensuring your guest room also has a practical year-round purpose between uses.

4. Clear clutter from floors and surfaces

Having extra guests coming to stay, particularly at Christmas, can make your living space feel more cramped and claustrophobic than usual. To avoid any unwanted tension, make sure you indulge in a big clean-up in the days before your guests arrive. A clutter-free home is good for the mind, and not having so many things to manoeuvre around on floors, will make spaces feel bigger. Chaise storage sofas, ottomans and blanket boxes are all great for hiding clutter in your home.

Storage Sofa Bed

The Marston Chaise Storage Sofa/Sofa Bed in Country Linen Zinc

Christmas storage solution

The Everleigh Ottoman in Brushed Cotton Pigeon


So, there you have it, our tried and tested tips for making your home houseguest ready. You can browse the vast array of different sized sofa beds, storage beds and chaise storage sofas we offer on our website, or by visiting our Willow & Hall showroom in Chiswick. Plus, our superstar Customer Service team are always on hand to take your questions and offer their advice too. Call 020 8939 3800 or email [email protected].

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The Willow & Hall team

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