A fresh start for the first day of spring

With winter almost over and the first snowdrops, daffodils and crocuses of the year starting to appear, spring is nearly upon us. Traditionally viewed as a time of renewal, rebirth and reawakening, the impact that this season has on our home habits should perhaps come as no surprise. From the mental and physical benefits of a good old fashioned spring clean throughout the house to more drastic interior design changes in the home, the start of spring represents different things to different people.

However, with the global COVID-19 outbreak dominating headlines and affecting the day-to-day lives of people everywhere, spring cleaning habits are likely to be shaped by deep-cleans of homes and workplaces this year. Disinfecting surfaces, keeping rooms as dust-free as possible and maintaining good hand and personal hygiene are essential in helping to combat germs in the home and minimising the threat of coronavirus as spring cleaning season begins.

To mark the official start of spring this March, we asked 1,000 UK people a selection of questions relating to the cleaning, sorting and redecorating habits adopted in the home once spring has sprung. You’ll find the results on the infographic below. But first, we thought we’d share some of the findings with you.

Refresh or redecorate?

While this season is historically associated with cleaning and organising your house after the long winter period, in more recent times spring has also become synonymous with making interior design changes within the home. Interestingly, our survey found that 65.6% of respondents associated spring, more than any other season, with redecorating the home. When it comes to redecoration, 66.5% said that they would be more likely to change the colour of the walls in their home, ahead of refreshing carpets or furniture.

Spring cleaning: good for the soul (and wallet)...

Although we now know that for many, spring is a time of redecoration, a good old fashioned deep-clean of the home still remains a popular activity. The benefits of such a clean are not limited to hygiene. Perhaps fairly unsurprisingly, the majority of our respondents (69.4%) admitted to finding items they thought they had lost down the backs and/or sides of Luxury Sofa Beds, sofas and Luxury Armchairs. However, what came as more of a revelation was the number of people who confessed to finding money during this clean. While a whopping 73.1% of respondents only found money that amounted to £5 or less, 19.7% professed to recovering between £5.01 and £10, with 5.6% and 1.6% finding between £10.01 - £20 and over £20 respectively. The survey results on the infographic below provide us with a fascinating insight into the lives of people across the UK and how actions taken during spring affects home habits. To get involved and let us know what changes you make around the house during spring, get in touch on social using #UKHomeHabits and tag @WillowandHall. A fresh start for the first day of spring Spring Cleaning poll Spring Cleaning poll Spring Cleaning poll Spring Cleaning poll Spring Cleaning poll Spring Cleaning poll Spring Cleaning poll

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