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Trend watch: TV-free front rooms

There’s a classic line in the TV series Friends, when Joey asks, “You don’t own a TV? What’s all your furniture pointed at?” We have to admit, we think he raises an interesting point here. After all, up and down the country, in household after household, you’ll find living room arrangements configured around the TV. We don’t claim to be any different. Team Willow & Hall is equally as guilty of this as the other 93% of Brits who own a TV set at home (thanks Offcom for the fact).

Recently, TV shows (yes we appreciate the irony) have begun to question the role of technology in our lives. Stripping their participants back to the bare minimum to see what life is like without technology. Which got us thinking – could we go TV-free too? Turns out one of the biggest interiors trends to come out of 2016 just so happens to be TV-free front rooms. So we’ve compiled some of the top tips and advice when it comes to vanquishing your TV and still achieving a perfectly social living space.

1. Redefine your living rooms purpose

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Making your living room a multi-purpose space by adding in a desk and bookcases, will make sure it continues to be a place where the whole family can congregate, long after the TV’s been banished.

2. Make a feature of a fireplace

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Who needs to stare at another screen when you have real flickering flames to entertain you? Or if your fireplace is out of action, even better! Turn it into an eye-catching focal feature with ornaments and pictures.

3. Make the coffee table your furniture anchor

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Having your sofas and armchairs arranged around the coffee table is much more conducive to creating a social environment. Choose a statement coffee table that detracts from the absence of a TV and crack out the board games for old-fashioned fun that encourages interaction.

4. Got a great view? Flaunt it

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If your living room is blessed with a great view, make the most of it by angling your furniture in its direction. The same can be said with living rooms that open out into gardens. Point your furniture towards the doors to enjoy the garden even from the comfort of your sofa.

5. Embrace open plan living

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If your living room shares its space with your dining room and/or your kitchen, point your furniture so it looks directly towards them. Not only will this help the space flow much better, but it will open up the room and give your eyes something else to look at other than the TV.

So there you have it. 5 easy ways you can banish your TV set and still go on living. And, if you really can’t detach from your favourite shows, you can always tune in on a laptop or have a pull-down projector screen in place of a permanent TV. If our post has inspired you to throw-out your current living room arrangement in favour of a TV-free space, we have the perfect sofa, sofa bed, armchairs and accessories to help you achieve your vision. You can view our range of styles on our website and in our Chiswick showroom.

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