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Grey living room ideas

If you’re looking to create a living room that’s timeless, elegant and 100% versatile, then there’s no better go-to colour than grey. Whether for a traditional family home, or an inner-city bachelor pad, grey is a colour that works in all environments. Don’t believe us? Just follow these simple styling tips and you’ll see…

Don’t be afraid to double or even quadruple up on grey

Don’t think that just because you’ve opted for one particular shade of grey for your sofa bed, that you should stick to it elsewhere in the room. The great thing about grey is it’s so versatile it even complements itself. So, don’t shy away from using contrasting shades in a single space in your home.

In fact, mixing up tones of grey is a great way to capture a contemporary and elegant feel. Or, you can even go as far as having mismatched greys on all the upholstered items in the room. So, providing you experiment with different shades, you really can do no wrong.

Product featured: The Atworth love seat sofa/sofa bed shown in Linen Cotton Dove from £707 and £911

Blending more than one shade of grey can be highly impactful and result in an elegant look.

Mid and lighter tones are relaxing while darker shades invoke drama

As grey is available in such a huge spectrum of colours, it’s important to go with one that sets the tone you want your living room to follow.

In terms of sofa bed fabrics, lighter hues like our Cotton Pigeon and Textured Chenille Pavilion Grey are perfect for introducing an airy, more relaxed, and fresh feel to your living space. Alternatively, darker set tones such as Textured Chenille Slate and Linen Cotton Pewter lean much more towards the dramatic end of the scale.

Product featured: The Edington love seat sofa/sofa bed shown in Linen Cotton Pewter from £666 and £849

Darker greys kindle drama while softer shades bring about a more relaxing mood.

Bright colours & patterns make for great accents against grey

If you want to go wild with your accessories then a grey coloured sofa is a good way to go. Grey literally looks great with everything. So, it’s the ideal base fabric to pick if you want to brighten up the room with soft furnishings in pops of colour or busy patterns and prints.

 With grey as your sofa bed base you can literally take your pick of any accent colours you like. And, that doesn’t just extend to your accessories but to wall colours and other items of living room furniture too. So, if you really want to create a living room where colour and patterns know no limits, then starting with a grey sofa bed is a great way to kick things off.

Product featured: The Buttermere sofa/sofa bed shown in Country Linen Zinc from £952 and £1,128

Bright colour pops and patterns look impactful when paired with grey walls and other soft furnishings.

Define the look you want with accessories and materials

The beauty of grey is it’s entirely neutral. So, it can be styled with accessories to suit pretty much any nature of home, from modern shell-like spaces to quaint country retreats.

If you like the industrial look, introducing metal or concrete accessories will automatically take your living room in this direction. Or, if a relaxed, seaside feel is more your vibe, then weathered woods and a pale colour palette will help to evoke the sense of being by the beach in a more grown-up and sophisticated way then if you were to use traditional nautical colours.

Product featured: The Fyfield corner sofa/sofa bed shown in House Linen Vintage Grey from £2,180 and £2,420

Grey is supremely versatile and can adapt to fit any trend, or type of home, with the right accessories.

It can be made to look masculine or feminine

Grey is undoubtedly the Switzerland of the colour world – entirely neutral. So, when it comes to taking it in a more masculine or a more feminine direction, the accessories and accent colours you plump for play an important part.

As a general rule of thumb, paler colours, pastels in particular, invoke a fresh and girly feel. So, if you’re looking to make your living room into a man cave stay away from bubble-gum hues. In contrast, using darker greys combined with monochrome and moody blues can bring about a very manly feel; perfect if you’re creating your ideal bachelor pad or want to achieve a decidedly grown-up aesthetic.

In short, pale colour-pops add a sense of fun while darker ones keep the ambience a lot more sedate and serious. So, pay close attention to accent colours as you’re selecting them. And, be mindful of their power to change the entire feel of the room.

Product featured: The Appledoe sofa/sofa bed shown in Broad Weave Linen Silver from £1,105 and £1,295

Adding soft colours and pastel accessories will introduce a more feminine feel in a grey filled living room.

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