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Last chance! A further 25% off clearance

A quick reminder that our spring clean offer ends on 1 April, meaning you have just 6 more days to redeem a further 25% off all clearance items!


Have you noticed that your living or bedroom furniture is looking a bit tired? Or perhaps you just want to revitalise your space? This is a great opportunity to purchase our hand-crafted furniture for even less. What’s more, all our clearance items can be with you in approximately 2 weeks.

Whilst you ponder your purchase, here are some quick-fixes for freshening your homes for Easter:

Despite the slightly misty mornings, at the Willow & Hall residence, we’ve been lifting our spirits and bringing the outside in with some lovely daffodils. This is a great way to stay in touch with nature, even when it’s still a bit chilly to open the back door!

Adding texture and colour
It may be that now the sun is shining, your home looks tired in contrast. Why not provide a quick-fix whilst you wait for your Willow & Hall purchase? Home accessories are a great way of revitalising a space. At Willow & Hall, we offer extra scatter cushions in any of our fabrics with your purchase so why not ask our team about colours and textures to complement your fabric?*

If you would like to run through any details of your order or have any questions, please call our friendly customer services team on 0845 163 5949 or visit our website.

Happy browsing,

The Willow & Hall team

*Please note, this refers to full-price items and will not be available within 2 weeks. Delivery timelines, as detailed on the website, will apply.

6 thoughts on “Last chance! A further 25% off clearance

  1. Belinda Kornstein

    Your clearance ended April 1st but you have only today sent me the notification. Very disappointing.

    1. The Willow & Hall team

      Good afternoon Belinda, many thanks for your feedback. We have followed this up with the marketing team – the first email about our Clearance offer was sent out on 19th March with a follow up email sent on 26th March. We can see from our records that you subscribed to our newsletter on 9th April and therefore this is why you did not receive this offer. The blog that was sent out today was about a Spring offer on flowers, however when a blog post is sent to our customer’s via email, the recent blog posts will be included at the bottom of the email which may be where you saw our Clearance offer that ended on 1st April. Apologies for any confusion caused. If there is anything further we can help you with, please do let us know. Kind regards, Poppy

  2. Lesley Pure

    Good afternoon, we think a sofa bed will be useful when we move and downsize later this year. Your products as seen online look great but do you have showrooms where we can see, touch – and lie on the sofabeds please? Comfort, even for overnight stayers, is important to us. Thanks. Regards, Lesley.

    1. The Willow & Hall team

      Afternoon Lesley, many thanks for your enquiry. We are pleased you are interested in our sofa beds. At the moment we do not have any shops or showrooms as we are 100% focused on bringing the highest quality products and service for the best possible value to our customers which means we have avoided opening them, as it means we would need to increase our prices. We do understand it is an important purchase, and we therefore offer 2 weeks free returns with a full money back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied with the comfort or look of your item (or absolutely anything about your item). Despite not having a showroom, we have a very small area in our office in Hampton (which we call the cosy den) where we showcase a small selection of our items so customers can try the different mattress options, seat cushion options and at least see a few of our designs. Although not a showroom as such, it still gives you the chance to try before you buy. If you would like to make an appointment, please do let us know and we would be more than happy to book you in. Kind regards, Victoria

  3. adrian davis

    having a further extension built and will require a similar bed settee as previously bought, may be in a spring light fabric instead of the leather as last purchased, plus two arm chairs and a three seater settee. would appreciate some ideas and suggestions
    kind regards
    adrian davis

    1. The Willow & Hall team

      Afternoon Adrian, Many thanks for your enquiry. We are delighted you are interested in our sofa beds. If you would be so kind to send an email to we would be more than happy to send you a document containing all of our product dimensions. This may help you find the perfect sofa bed for extension! If you do have any further queries, please do let us know. Kind regards, Poppy.


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