We Reveal A Host of UK Home Book Habits

The UK is a nation of book-lovers. Of course, being the country of William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens, Jane Austen and J. K. Rowling, this perhaps should come as no real surprise. However, the importance of books and the role they play in the average UK home is something that’s often overlooked. From finding the perfect time and place to curl up with your favourite read, to discovering the new and unconventional decorative uses of books in the household, we wanted to find out more about the common literary habits of the great UK public.

To celebrate World Book Day, we asked 1,000 UK people a range of questions about their household reading habits and the importance of books in their home. You’ll find the results on the info-graphics below. But first, we thought we’d share some of the findings with you.

Not just a good read…

While you may not be surprised to learn that the number of books sold in the UK has dropped in the past decade, our survey did produce a fascinating finding regarding our motivation for buying books for the house. Interestingly, it revealed that over a fifth of our respondents (22.5%) admitted to having purchased a book for the sole objective of interior decoration, as opposed to intending to actually read it.


Location, location, location…

Although we now know that not all books are bought to be read, finding the perfect spot in the house to read the ones that are is still crucial. Perhaps fairly predictably, many of our respondents (40.7%) identified their beds as their preferred reading location, with the sofa and armchair lagging behind with 37.8% and 21.5% of the vote respectively.


It’s about time too...

It’s not always easy finding time to squeeze reading into your busy modern life, but it’s fair to say that some times of the day are better for reading than others. Unsurprisingly, the lion’s share of our respondents (37.8%) identified bedtime as their favourite time of the day to read. Holiday perusing and rainy day reading came in a respectable second and third in the popularity charts, while, perhaps a little unexpectedly, only 1.7% of our respondents championed reading on their lunch breaks.


The survey results on the info-graphics provide us with a glimpse into just how big of a role books play in the lives of people across the UK and how they affect your home habits. To get involved and let us know what your book-related habits are, get in touch online using #UKHomeHabits and tag us on Twitter @WillowAndHall and Instagram @willow_and_hall.


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