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8 tips for finding the perfect fitting bed

At Willow & Hall we think buying a new bed is rather exciting. But, for some shoppers it can be one of the most stressful furniture purchases. After all, your bedroom is the place you’re going to spend an average 8 hours every night. So, the pressure’s on to nail this purchase.

Product featured: The Avebury bed shown in Viscose Linen Cloud from £575

Just one of our handcrafted beds available in 130 different fabrics

Making sure the bed that arrives on delivery day is the perfect fitting is really easy so long as you follow these 8 steps…

  • Learn how your bedroom could be concealing hidden floor space
  • Why cardboard boxes can spare you from ordering a size that’s too big
  • Why bedroom doorways are a delivery team’s worse nemesis

1. Do the maths

Making sure your bed fits comes down to just one thing, and that’s knowing how much floor space you have to play with. So, reach for that that measuring tape before you do a thing.

Next, jot the dimensions down somewhere so you always have them to hand. That way, when you’re shopping online, or on the high street, you can quickly refer to your measurements to rule a style in or out of your selection.

Product featured: The Sandridge bed shown in Matt Velvet Mallard from £685

The Sandridge comes in 4 sizes, from single to super king

2. Map out the footprint

Some people find it hard to gauge how big something is by dimensions alone. So, if you’re a visual person laying down newspaper to the exact specs of your bed is a great way to see how big it will be once in place.

Or, if you prefer you can even substitute newspaper for cardboard boxes which will help you gauge the height too. Doing this will give you a sense for how the bedroom will flow and feel once your new bed arrives on the scene.

Product featured: The Yarnbrook bed shown in Matt Velvet Iron from £725

 Don’t forget to factor in headboards when measuring up

3. Take doorways into account

If we had a pound for every time our white gloved delivery men were scuppered by a troublesome entryway or narrow doorframe…

But in all seriousness, we really can’t stress enough how important it is to measure the width and height of any entry points your bed will need to travel through on route to your bedroom. So, check in advance that they’re wide fitting enough for the style you’ve ordered to pass through.

Product featured: The Braydon bed shown in Herringbone Cloud Blue from £650

Measuring doorways will ensure The Braydon arrives in your bedroom

4. Declutter your bedroom

Bedrooms and guest rooms in particular, can become a dumping ground for all kinds of clutter which can eat into precious floor space, giving the illusion that your bedroom is actually smaller than it appears.

So, if you’re struggling to find a bed that fits see where you can cut back on clutter. A quick spring clean can reveal inches of previously hidden floor space. And, can make all the difference to fitting your new bed in comfortably.

Product featured: The Malmesbury bed shown in Lightweight Linen Wishing Well from £640

Decluttering your room will open up extra floor space

5. Open spaces up with lighter colours

Dark woods and fabrics can shrink a room size and make the space feel instantly smaller. So, if the bedroom you’re furnishing is already on the spatially challenged size stay away from darker hues that will only enhance the feeling.

Instead, opt for pale coloured frames and lighter shades on upholstered headboards, divans and ottomans which will help make a small space appear open and airier.

Product featured: The Marlborough bed shown in House Linen Oyster from £695

Lighter colour fabrics and woods open up smaller spaces

6. Opt for under bed storage

In small rooms in particular storage can be a real headache. And, knowing where to house those chunky winter knits, coats and extra bedding sets can be a challenge.

However, the bed you buy can also be your best storage solution if you opt for a divan style with drawers built-in or an ottoman style that lifts up. As such, they give you plenty of space to stash clothing and clutter, particularly in bedrooms where other furniture isn’t fitting.

Product featured: The Avebury storage bed with The Oxenwood Ottoman bed base in Textured Chenille Duck Egg from £780

Hidden storage can maximise space in smaller rooms

 7. Save space by fitting shelves

If floor space in your bedroom really is tight, make your bed the only piece of furniture that sits at ground level. This will leave you with more room to walk around in. And, open up the space as much as possible.

Shelves are a great alternative to traditional bedroom cabinetry. So, place them at standing height so you can easily access them. And, this will also give the illusion that your bedroom is taller than it really is – another excellent trick to open up smaller spaces.

Product featured: The Hindon bed shown in Washed Cotton Driftwood from £635

If you can’t fit bedside furniture try wall-mounted shelves instead

8. Account for radiators and skirting boards

Of course two things you might not be able to move out of the way in your bedroom are radiators and skirting boards. So, don’t forget to account for the space these take up when fitting your bed.

It might not sound like a lot on paper. But, the few extra inches lost to radiators and skirting boards could have a big bearing on the style you can buy, especially if you’re considering one with both a footboard and a headboard.

Product featured: The Littlecott bed shown in House Wool Clouded Sky from £675

Skirting boards and radiators can affect your space planning

If you’d like more advice on fitting a bed into a bedroom you can refer to our dimensions guide on our website. Or, if you have any questions, contact our friendly customer service team on 020 8939 3800 or at

Kind regards,

The Willow & Hall team

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