The W&H guide to customising your lovely item

Whilst we think it’s great to be able to customise your item for your home to ensure the perfect fit, we do recognise it can be quite daunting too. We want you to be delighted with your choices so we've put together a W&H customisation guide to help you. Of course, alongside this guide our knowledgeable team are always on hand and happy to help you further so do get in contact if you have any questions.

Step1: Choose your style

Step 1: Choose your style & size

Whether you’re looking for something more traditional or more contemporary, at Willow & Hall we’ve got a great selection so you can easily find the perfect style to suit your home. The ideal style should look great in your home, suit your lifestyle and family needs and also tick the boring but practical ‘it fits’ box.

Step 2: Choose your fabric

Step 2: Choose your fabric

We’ve got over 100 fabrics for you to choose from so we’re sure we’ve got the perfect one for you. Each and every one has been hand-picked by our design team and gone through the rigorous rub test to ensure you not only get a beautiful fabric but a durable one too.

To view all our fabrics, have a peek at our Free Samples page, or even better, once you’ve chosen the design you like, use our style creator - click on the model you love and then select a fabric to see what your style looks like in your chosen material.

Once you’ve managed to select your favourite fabrics (this might involve quite a few cuppas!) feel free to order them on our Free Samples page and we’ll wing them to you pronto so you can see how they look in your décor.

Don’t forget as well, if you’re not wild with excitement about any of our fabrics then not to worry, we can always make it in your own fabric for you. Just give our team a call and we’ll happily let you know how this works.

Step 3: Choose your seat cushions

Step 3: Choose your seat cushions

Choosing the right seat cushions on your sofa is super important to ensure you get the comfort and maintenance that is perfect for you. We offer 3 types, all of which offer different squish and shake factors. Please note: seat heights will vary very slightly depending on your seat choice.

Option 1
Reflex foam wrapped in stockinette

Provide a very supportive and relatively firm sit, keep their shape really well and require very little maintenance – just a simple turn every 2-3 months. They’re also smarter in appearance to their softer siblings and look particularly top-notch on more contemporary and slick styles. Please note: The Fosbury has seat cushions attached to the sofa bed mechanism so these can not be turned.

Option 1

Option 2
Siliconized hollow fibre

Fibres are sewn into individual channels within the cushion. The channels are like in a duvet, they stop the fibre all going into one place and the fibre is silicone treated to stop it from gathering and to keep it supple.

They give a slightly softer sit and a more relaxed look than reflex foam however they’ll need a little more love - a quick plump-up after use and a real shake down once a month.

Option 2

Option 3
Feather-wrapped foam

High quality reflex foam wrapped in Grade A Duck Feathers sewn into individual channels within the cushion to stop the feathers all going into one place.

These are really snug on your bum but like our siliconized hollow fibre cushions require a quick plump after use to keep their shape and comfort.

Option 3

Cushion Key

Don’t forget, whatever you plump for (sorry we couldn’t resist), when your sofa first arrives they may feel a little firmer than expected. This is because they’re brand spanking new. Get cosy on your sofa and after a few weeks of use they’ll relax and feel just right.

Step 4: Choose your mattress

Step 4: Choose your mattress

If you’re ordering one of our two-fold sofa beds, as well as considering the steps above it’s really important to think about the mattress you want.  Choose between one of our three luxurious W&H signature mattresses - open sprung, pocket sprung or memory foam.

Open Sprung

All our sofa beds come with our beautiful W&H open sprung mattress as standard:
Incredibly thick and luxurious at 14 cm deep
Packed with multiple layers of bouncy upholstery and hand-quilted insulator layers for supreme comfort
Made from super hardwearing and individually heat treated British open coil springs
Hand-quilted cover made from the finest Irish damask

Pocket Sprung

For an additional £80 all our sofa beds can come with our perfect pocket sprung mattress:
Incredibly thick and luxurious at 14 cm deep
Packed with multiple layers of bouncy upholstery and hand-quilted insulator layers on both sides for supreme comfort
Contains 1,000 individual heat treated British pocket springs which work independently to mould to your contours
Hand-tufted cover made from the finest Irish damask

Consider opting for the pocket sprung mattress if:
You want an even more luxurious night's sleep - each of these marvellous springs work independently compared to the open coil which are inter-connected, meaning they can contour to your body shape better
Two people will be sleeping on the mattress regularly – as mentioned, each of these springs work independently, meaning as well as sleeping in absolute comfort you shouldn't be woken by a wriggling partner!

Memory Foam

For an additional £100 all our sofa beds can come with our magical memory foam mattress:
Incredibly thick and luxurious at 12 cm deep
Packed with visco memory foam which seamlessly adapts to your body shape
Covered in beautiful Belgian damask which intelligently dissipates moisture keeping you cool throughout the night

Consider opting for the memory foam mattress if:
You like maximum support whilst you sleep
You want to relieve joint pressure in the night
You have a bad back

Just want an occasional sofa bed?

Remember, if you're looking for something for guests or yourself to sleep on only occasionally, you might want to consider our Appley which comes as a 1, 2 or 3 seater. Easy to use and a real space saver with no arms, it's a really popular choice amongst our customers looking for something to use less regularly but who still want a great night's sleep.

View the Appley Range

Extra Scatter Cushions

Perhaps order some extra scatter cushions in matching or contrasting colours and fabrics? Our interior designers tell us it's the perfect way to instantly change the look of your item without having to buy a new one!

Arm Caps

You can order these to match your item. They're the perfect armour for the popular arm spillage zone and can be conveniently removed for cleaning.


Feet, whilst appearing a small detail, actually play a leading role in finishing off the look so we try and encourage our customers to order those which come with the model. If however you truly prefer other feet we offer then please do give our team a call or drop us an email and we'd be happy to discuss your options for swapping them.

Removable Arms

We offer nifty removable arms on all our 2 and 3 seater sofa beds (except the Burstow) to help with delivery through tight passageways into your room of choice. If you think you might need these then take a peek at our handy Dimensions and Delivery Guide to read about minimum door widths and how removable arms can help. Please note, our Westbury and Fosbury are designed, as standard, with arms that click on and off so removable arms are not required as an extra for this design.


Stain proofing & extra cushion covers

No fabric guardsman or stain protector will offer you a life full of stain free sofas. They‘re all prone to wearing off and will certainly come off if you spot clean or wash your sofa. Given this, here at W&H, we take a slightly different approach to stain proofing. Firstly, the majority of our fabrics are either machine washable or spot cleanable. In addition, we offer removable cushion covers on all our models meaning if you do get a pesky spillage you can simply remove the offending cushion cover and pop it on a cool wash. You can read more about this in our handy Fabric Guide.

Extra fabric by the metre

All our fabrics are available by the metre for co-ordinating upholstery projects such as cushions and footstools. Just give our team a bell and let them know how many metres you require and we'll let you know how much this will cost direct from the mill.



When you're ready...

Once you're ready to purchase then you can place your order online, by phone or in our London showroom. In each case you'll be talked through all of your customisation choices to ensure you're absolutely happy.