Stain Resistance & Staingard Protection

Built In Stain Resistance & FibreGuard

We offer fabrics with built in stain resistance. Some of these stain resistant fabrics use FibreGuard’s Stain Free Technology which allows you to enjoy your item, assured that it will be able to stand up to everyday stains. From ballpoint pen, to coffee, mud, red wine, and ketchup, common household stains are easily removed from our stain resistant fabrics making your item child and pet friendly and allowing you to keep your item looking fresh year after year. Furthermore, our FibreGuard fabrics are also green conscious having been Oekotex endorsed to certify that the FibreGuard stain guard is safe both for our environment and you - no harmful chemicals are released.

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How to clean Stain Resistant fabrics

It's super easy to clean our stain resistant fabrics, including those with FibreGuard stain guard, simply follow the steps below:

1. Remove any remaining stain residue with a teaspoon.

2. Apply water to the stain and blot using a white paper towel (do not rub in a circular motion). Repeat the process until the stain residue is no longer visible on the paper towel.

3. Apply more water to the area and gently rub with a microfiber cloth. Use circular movements for best results. Repeat the process until completely removed.

4. Allow the fabric to dry naturally. Do not apply heat.

For more guidance on how to remove stains, take a look at some videos from FibreGuard here.

Staingard Protection

In addition to the above, we offer Staingard Protection on all our lovely fabrics from £40 to help your item stay looking as good as new. This covers your item for 5 years against accidental spills, stains, marks and damage such as wine spillages, tea disasters, tears, pet scratches and much more, giving you complete peace of mind.

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How Staingard Protection works

Staingard Protection offers a genuine 'Clean, Repair or Replace' policy.

1. Give Staingard a call within 7 days of the incident and they'll send you out a special box of impregnated cloths to deal with the stain.

2. If the stain remover doesn't work give Staingard a call or reach out online and they'll send a technician round at a convenient time for you to try and remove the stain or repair the damage.

3. If the technician can't work their magic Staingard will replace the offending cushion cover(s) or if need be the entire item free of charge.

Staingard Protection Pricing

2 Seater Sofas & Sofa Beds £ 80
3 Seater Sofas & Sofa Beds £ 90
3.5 Seater Sofas & Sofa Beds £100
4 Seater Sofas & Sofa Beds £110
5 Seater Sofas & Sofa Beds £120
6 Seater Sofas & Sofa Beds £130
7 Seater Sofas & Sofa Beds £140
8 Seater Sofas & Sofa Beds £150
9 Seater Sofas & Sofa Beds £160
Modular Ottomans £45
1 Module Sofas & Sofa Beds £60
2 Module Sofas & Sofa Beds £95
2 Module Sofas & Sofa Beds with Ottoman £140
3 Module Sofas & Sofa Beds £105
3 Module Sofas & Sofa Beds with Ottoman £150
Armchairs & Accent Chairs £45
Love Seat Sofas & Sofa Beds £60
Footstools, Ottomans & Blanket Boxes £45
Chaise Longues £65
Day Beds £65
Headboards £55
Bed In A Box £70
Bed Bases £55
Storage Beds £80
Beds £70

Purchasing Staingard Protection

When you have chosen your new item, you can choose the option of Staingard Protection at checkout on all items other than mattresses.

For more information about Staingard Protection click here.