Dimensions & Delivery Guide

We’ve collated all the dimensions for our sofa bed, sofa, armchair, bed and accessory designs in the guides below, so you can compare the sizes of your favourite styles in one place.

As all our furniture is handmade, sizes can vary by a few centimetres, so please do bear this in mind when considering the dimensions of your preferred styles. Seat height measurements can also vary slightly depending on the seat cushion you personalise your furniture with.

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Once you’ve chosen a sofa bed, sofa, armchair, bed or accessory design it’s important to check that it will look in proportion with your room. All our design dimensions are measured using the tallest and widest points of each piece, so will include any overhangs such as scrolled or flared arms.

Our designers recommend either using an existing piece of furniture as a size guide in your room, or mapping out the space using newspaper or masking tape. They also advise allowing at least 50-60cm of space around your furniture to walk comfortably and, if you’re ordering a sofa bed, don’t forget to check you have space to open it up fully and easily.

Our delivery experts recommend following these steps to ensure your furniture can fit comfortably through any doors, hallways or staircases in your home.

  • Measure the width from the inner edge of the door to the inner edge of the opposite door frame. If you have narrower door frames, you might want to consider removing the door for delivery to provide a few extra centimetres of space.

  • Consider the length of your chosen design – is there enough space either side of the door frame to manoeuvre your chosen design into the room?

  • Measure any other tight access points, such as a narrow hallway or staircase. If there isn’t room to turn your furniture, then please measure any ceilings or doorways to ensure they are 10cm wider and higher than the total depth and height measurements of the design.

If you’d like more help choosing a design that will fit beautifully in your home
please call us on 020 8939 3800.

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Our delivery experts recommend ordering removable arms if this option is available with your chosen design, especially if your home has narrow door frames or tight angles. Furniture with removable arms are handmade differently by our expert craftsmen to allow the arms to be removed and reattached easily, without compromising on the structure or quality of your sofa bed or sofa. When your furniture is delivered, our two-man team will only remove the arms if required to safely delivery your new design into your room. Once in position, they will show you how to remove them yourself in the future if needed.

The table below shares the approximate total width reduction for each design with the arms removed.

    The Foxham 20cm
    The Aldbourne 20cm
    The Marston 20cm
    The Restrop 20cm
    The Atworth 24cm
    The Alton 26cm
    The Bermerton 26cm
    This Bisford 26cm
    The Dunsmore 27cm
    The Amesbury 28cm
    The Gastard 30cm
    The Hamptworth 30cm
    The Larkhill 30cm
    The Bayfield 30cm
    The Tidworth 30cm
    The Ashwell 30cm
    The Milbourne 30cm
    The Fyfield 30cm
    The Downton 31cm
    The Somerton 31cm
    The Shalbourne 31cm
    The Ansty 31cm
    The Edington 32cm
    The Westbury 32cm
    The Appledoe 33cm
    The Bishopstrow 34cm
    The Cleverton 34cm
    The Elmley 36cm
    The Fosbury 38cm
    The Alderton 38cm
    The Buttermere 40cm
    The Easterton 40cm
    The Lyneham 44cm
    The Chilmark 44cm
    The Langridge 60cm

The Westbury and Fosbury are both designed with removable arms as standard, so the minimum door width dimensions are already reduced to reflect this.

If you’d like more help choosing a design that will fit beautifully in your home
please call us on 020 8939 3800.

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