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Getting your sofa bed around a corner

Fitting your sofa bed around a corner – it’s the nightmare scenario. Today’s the day. Your brand new sofa bed has finally arrived after weeks of waiting. But, it’s gotten stuck on route to your living room on a tight turn you hadn’t anticipated for. And, now it isn’t budging an inch.

So, what do you do? You never measured up beforehand and you swear that corner didn’t even exist until right this moment in time. But, now your new sofa’s here and it just isn’t fitting. Although it might feel like all hope is lost, here’s a couple of tried and tested tricks to help things move in the right direction…

Don’t turn around

Fitting your sofa bed around a tight corner

One of the most common instincts when your sofa or sofa bed isn’t fitting through a tight corner is to lift it up and turn it around. The fact is, the dimensions will still be the same no matter which way up you arrange it.

So, keep your sofa bed in exactly the same position you’ve used to get it this far along its journey. By allowing your sofa bed to keep on its natural course and not change direction, you stand a much better chance of fitting it around any narrow or tight turns you have to navigate. And, less risk of it getting stuck midway through its journey.

Take it out of its packaging

When your furniture goodie arrives, it will have packaging around it that’s designed to protect it during transit. But, packaging can become a hindrance when you’re trying to navigate your sofa bed into position, particularly if it’s made of a rigid material like cardboard or polystyrene, which can also add extra inches of volume you hadn’t accounted for.

Remember, the dimensions given for your item don’t account for any packaging it may arrive in. So, if it’s a squeeze fitting your sofa through a tight turn or around a corner, remove any outer packaging protecting it. Your sofa will be a lot more flexible without it and will be able to squeeze through tighter openings far easier to get into its intended room.

Remove its legs and arms

Fitting the Appley sofa bed around a tight cornerProduct featured: The Appley sofa bed shown in Linen Cotton Stone from £1,120

Most sofa beds today will come with the option of removable arms. But, if you didn’t select this option, you may still be able to unscrew the legs at the very least. After all, you don’t want to risk damaging the legs by forcefully pushing the sofa whilst they’re still attached.

Simply taking off the legs and arms can significantly reduce the overall size of the item. So, removing them while you wriggle your sofa bed into the right room can make a world of difference. Or, if you know in advance that your living room is difficult to access, opt for an armless style like The Appley. A super-handy number, The Appley will fit in the kid’s room, at the end of your bed, in the study, or to sum it up, absolutely anywhere!

Leave it to the professionals

It can be tempting to intervene when you can see an item of furniture is having difficulty fitting. But, letting the delivery men do their job is the best way to get over this hurdle. After all, they’re professionals who move furniture every day for a living and they have all the experience in the world when it comes to fitting furniture around tight corners. So, trust in their expertise and leave them to it. And, if you really want to help, have a nice cup of tea waiting for them on arrival.

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