With Easter just around the corner, it's the perfect time to get friends and family together. And, what better way to celebrate an extra two days off work than by entertaining at home? So, if you're playing host to friends or family over the Easter holidays, here's how to update your sofa bed and other areas of your home with a fresh Easter feel.

1. Greens & Yellows

What better way to get into the spirit than by channelling springtime colours? Lemon yellow and leafy green are the two colours of springtime's famous flower the Daffodil, which is why this pretty citrus-hued bloom has become an Easter staple.

So, channel daffodil colours of vibrant green and yellow blossom through your cushions and throw choices. Dressing a sofa bed in these two bold colours isn't only a great way to get a guest room Easter ready. But, yellow and greens are both invigorating and uplifting colours too - perfect for making your guests feel happy in your home, especially if you bring in a few real daffodils in a stem vase to amplify the effect too.

2. Pastel Hues

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If you want to extend your Easter decorating palette to include a wider range of colours then pastel shades are a perfect choice. These soft and delicate hues are widely used at Easter time because they represent the changing season. So, from the starkness of winter we begin to see colourful blossom and green leaves emerge again.

If you want to go the pastel route with your sofa bed and guest room decoration then be sure to keep the tones of each colour soft and muted. Pinks should be pale and unassuming. Blues the colour of duck eggs. And, bright purples should give way to dusky lavender hues. So, use this as a guide for selecting bedding sets, throws and pillows for your guest's bedroom. And, consider painting a few eggshells in pastel colours for a handcrafted touch that completes the look.

3. Floral Prints

Another great Easter decorating theme revolves around florals. Floral wreaths, centrepieces and baskets are all commonplace home decorations at Easter time. So, channelling a floral feel through your sofa bed accessories, and bedding, is another great way to refresh your guest spaces with a spring update to tie in with the season.

Choose lifelike blooms in whimsical watercolours, either embroidered or in printed patterns and motifs. And, opt for duvet sets in vibrant garden prints or springtime colours to really bring the outside into your guest's room. You can always complement the look by adding a vase of freshly cut flowers beside your sofa bed. And, it's something your guests are sure to appreciate as it fills the space with a natural floral fragrance.

4. Lovely Layers

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With the recent cold snap, the temperatures are likely to remain a little chillier than usual this Easter, so, use this to your advantage and make your sofa bed a melting pot of gorgeous soft layers and lovely tactile textures your guests will adore.

As well as layering up your sofa bed with Easter-themed cushions and throws, you can also add in cute soft plush toys too, that tie in with the time of year. A treat children in particular will love. Springtime chicks, sheep and bunnies are all around in abundance over Easter. So, getting your hands on one or two, at relatively little expense, won't be a problem. Just a simple soft bunny toy added to your guest's sofa bed, is sure to raise a smile and make visitors feel welcome.

5. Easter Greetings

Of course, if you really want to spell it out for your guests (no pun intended) you could decorate your sofa bed and guest room with furnishings that include a Happy Easter message. And, intersperse these with egg decorations and other seasonal spring updates too.

Some online stores such as Etsy and Not On The High Street even allow you to personalise Easter cushions with your own unique message. Which would be a great keepsake for your guests to take away with them when they leave. Not to mention the warmest welcome they could possibly receive.

You can also consider buying in an Easter themed bedding set (most supermarkets stock them). And/or hanging an Easter wreath, as well as bunting, above your guest's bed. All of which will make your guest space feel freshly updated for the weekend.

Other ways to make your home Easter ready for guests

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If you want to continue the Easter theme in other areas, your home provides tons of great decorating opportunities.

Dining rooms for example can be given an Easter update with napkins tied into Easter bunnies (see this 2 minute YouTube tutorial). And most supermarkets and high street stores have Easter themed cutlery and recyclable plates. These are perfect for giving your Sunday lunch an on-trend update.

Plus, your home provides a host of nooks and crannies perfect for hiding eggs away out of sight. Ideal if you're planning a hunt as part of the day's agenda. And BBC Good Food has a ton of inspirational (and easy) recipe ideas to keep your guests fed and watered. If they happen to still have an appetite after eating all that chocolate of course.

Further inspiration

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