Creating a contemporary home environment is all about living in the here and now and a modern sofa bed is the ultimate staple piece. Yes, yesteryear delivered some iconic furniture designs that stood the test of time. But, buying into today's contemporary furniture features will help you invest into tomorrow's classics. And, there's no better place to begin than with your living room.

The living is room is often the main shared social space in your home. So, it's important to create a space that's not only inviting, but also one that's comfortable too. And, what has the potential to be more comfy and inviting than a handcrafted sofa or sofa bed. So, if you're still not 100% sure what contemporary style furniture looks like, here are a few rules of thumb to help you in your quest…

Choose sofas and sofa beds with square arms

a modern sofa bed design

The Foxham Sofa Bed in Cotton, Glacier

Square arms are a benchmark of contemporary seating. Whether super slim, or big and boxy, a square shaped arm is a defining characteristic of any contemporary sofa or sofa bed style. So, avoid flared or scroll arms if it's a contemporary look you want to capture. Take a look at The Foxham, which is the epitome of the shape you should be looking for. With its simple clean lines and perfectly straight upright arms, it's a great example of contemporary furniture design at its best.

Opt for cushion backed sofa/sofa bed styles

The Somerton Sofa Bed in House Linen, Vintage Grey

Styles with removable cushion backs are another criteria when it comes to shopping for contemporary sofas, or even an armchair for your living spaces. And, the cushions should be rectangular or square to keep the overall aesthetic minimal and unfussy. So, take a peek at The Somerton, which is an excellent example of a cushion backed style mindfully designed for a contemporary look.

Box covers for contemporary simplicity

The Alton Chaise Sofa Bed in Washed Cotton, Lightning

It's important to choose cushion covers that are boxed style if you want to convey a contemporary look and feel in your living room. Remember, contemporary is all about clean lines and simplicity. So, avoid any sofa styles that feature piping around the edge and opt for sleek box styles like The Alton instead.

Sabre-shaped sofa feet


The Ashwell Chaise Storage Sofa Bed in Stain Resistant Linen Cotton, French Navy

Just as important as the cushion type you choose is the feet shape you plump for. Contemporary styles should feature angular wooden feet otherwise known as sabre-shaped, which you'll find on many of our styles including The Ashwell. What's more, this beauty comes with handy storage underneath the chaise to help keep your living room beautifully clutter free.

Muted colours are timeless

The Fyfield Corner Sofa Bed in House Linen, Vintage Grey

Forget bright blasts of colour or busy patterned upholstery. If you want your sofa to look contemporary then a fabric in a muted tone is a sure-fire way to achieve it. And, no colour captures the contemporary mood more than grey. Not only does this extraordinarily versatile shade come in a spectrum of tones but it's also a great base colour that's utterly timeless. If it's a bigger-sized seating area you need, The Fyfield seats up to 8 adults comfortably. And, it looks great in any of our grey fabric options.

Modular designs for everyday practicality

The Westbury 2 Module Sofa Bed in Stain Resistant Linen Cotton, Dove

Contemporary furniture design is all about being as practical for the everyday as it is aesthetically pleasing on the eye. So, if you want to embrace a contemporary style in your living room, then modular furniture is a great way to do so. The Westbury sofa and sofa bed is our most versatile style yet thanks to its innovative modular construction. From bijou studios, to gallery style guestrooms, it can configure, expand, and shrink in size – so if your family should happen to grow, or you decide to downsize to a smaller dwelling, you can be confident that this modular beauty will adapt with you.

So, there you have it, our top tips on finding the perfect contemporary furniture anchor for your living room. If you have any questions, contact our expert advisors on 020 8939 3800.