Did you know that we spend approximately a third of our life sleeping?  So buying a new bed is an important decision, very much worth the investment in both time and money. The perfect bed really comes down to who will be sleeping in it and what look will suit your décor.  With so many options available however, we know that answering these two simple questions can become a bewildering experience!

Before beginning your search, it’s worth reading our handy guide below to help de-mystify the world of bed buying...


Our bedsteads are made up of a frame with static solid wood slats to support the mattress. They offer the complete bed solution i.e. the frame and the headboard minus the mattress. These tend to be more decorative than our storage options so if you’re looking for a fancy statement, look no further. Our 3 designs – The Marlborough, The Winterslow and The Neston – all showcase the best of British upholstery with beautiful quilting, and in some cases, exquisite hand-buttoning.

  Below: The Neston Bed in Linen Cotton Stone – click the image to find out more.


Storage Beds
Our storage beds are a perfectly practical option if space in your room of choice is limited, or if you’d like a separate area to hold any extra bed linen or seasonal duvets you may have. There are various types of storage on offer, but all will provide you and your bedroom with a space-saving solution.

We offer two types of storage beds:

Divan Base
A divan base supports the mattress and has drawers which can slide out on castors to squirrel away all your stuff.  Although great on their own, divans can also be attached to headboards to make what is commonly known as a storage bed.

  There are a variety of different types of divan bases, but we only offer the type we feel gives the best quality and comfort - the solid or platform edge divan.  This has an upholstered top with no springs, giving the mattress a very supportive surface to rest on. All our divan beds come with different drawer combinations.

Below: The Braydon Storage Bed in House Linen Oyster – click the image to find out more.


Ottoman Base
An ottoman base supports the mattress and has a beautiful platform based lid which can be lifted up, using top quality hydraulic springs, to reveal ample space for you to stash all your extra bits and bobs.  Ottomans can also be attached to headboards, just the same as the divan base, to make a storage bed.

Add to your existing design...

If you do not need to buy a whole storage bed, we also offer all our headboards, bed bases and mattresses to purchase separately:


Handmade with the greatest attention to detail, our beautiful headboards can be attached directly to all UK standard divans and ottomans and are sure to add elegance and luxury to any bedroom décor.

Bed bases

Handmade in Wiltshire, our beautiful divan and ottoman bed bases not only look super stylish but they’re also perfect for storing stuff away. Time to get back some of that precious space upstairs!


We’ve tried and tested hundreds of mattresses to find the comfiest, cosiest and perfectly filled ones out there. All handmade to perfection and packed with multiple layers of bouncy upholstery and hand-quilted insulated layers for supreme comfort, our mattresses will soon become your new best friend!

We hope these tips are helpful. However if you need any further help then please don't hesitate to contact our friendly Customer Services team on 020 8939 3800 who will be more than happy to help.

Best wishes,

The Willow and Hall Team