A couple of months ago we decided to redecorate our kitchen - a project still very early in the planning stages (judging by our inability to make decisions it will still be at this same stage in a year’s time)!

As most women know the impetus and lead came from me and naturally I started looking for any helpful information and inspiration online. It was during my research I found out a few interesting facts.

Firstly, did you know that for a really long time Britain has been the worldwide leader of kitchen design? It’s not the French, the Italians, or the Germans who come up with the best kitchen concepts after all – it’s our very own British designers!

Secondly the most widely used British kitchen design theme is the golden triangle. It means that all similar equipment should be paired up and placed in a central space for easy access, and the three main appliances (usually the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink) should be placed in a triangle formation.

There’s a good example of such placement in the photo below – the sink on the left, the cooker on the right and the workspace in the middle. I have to say I also love the overall design of this one – I’ve always been a fan of elegant mixing of traditional and modern touches:

British Kitchen Design Traditions 1

source: http://newcastledesign.ie/new-kitchen-design-from-our-plain-english-collection-2013/

Another more contemporary kitchen design concept is the geometric style. In it all kinds of colour, texture and shape combinations are applied to create a simple and balanced design. I really like the mixture of squares and circles in the kitchen below:

British Kitchen Design Traditions 2

source: http://www.sarahjanekitchens.co.uk/

The triangle principle is frequently forgotten in contemporary kitchens, as people tend to build them larger and larger.

Take the really spacious yet very cosy design by 1909 Kitchens below for example. You probably won’t notice any triangles made from important appliances but the geometric style is still evident, with a playful harmony between darker and lighter colours and square and circular shapes:

British Kitchen Design Traditions 3

source: http://www.1909kitchens.co.uk/#/half-pencil-and-scalloped

Finally and I must admit this is more down to my personal preference as opposed to good old research but I’ve (sorry we’ve!) decided we want our kitchen to have at least one colourful object that will really stand out and be a fun and focal point.

The bar/table below is exactly such a piece - a bright and vivid design which turns the otherwise sometimes rather dull kitchen into a very youthful and playful space:

British Kitchen Design Traditions 4

source: http://beautifulkitchensblog.co.uk/tag/shaker/

If you’re redesigning your kitchen then I hope like me some of these concepts, images and ideas help you a little with making some tough decisions regards your home renovation work!