It used to be that you'd never go anywhere without first consulting a map. At the very least, there would be a cursory glance to reaffirm your confidence. For more unfamiliar routes a trusty map was always in tow. At Willow & Hall HQ, we can remember all too well our parents navigating us across motorways and down winding country roads with nothing but a dog-eared old map to rely on. Dad in the driver's seat, and mum competently acting as copilot, dishing out directions. Nowadays of course, it's Siri's voice that gets us from A to B, and maps, once confined to the glove compartments, are now redefining their place in the world as prints on our walls. So, being the lovers of Great Britain that we are, here's team Willow & Hall's favourite picks of some tip top map prints to hang in your home...

Bek Cruddace Design

Bek Crudace Design Map

Perfect for a kid’s room, this cute and colourful illustration of the British Isles is dotted with famous landmarks and native wildlife.

Willow & Stone

Willow & Stone Map

Intricately illustrated in an old world style, this black and white print will feel right at home in a grown-up monochrome living space.

House By Betty

House by Betty Map

This classic classroom style map will transport you back to your school days. Thankfully, it comes without the accompanying geography teacher.

Lucy Loves This

Lucy Loves This Map

From Scottish haggis to Cornish pasties, 'Lucy Loves This' gastronomy map print takes you on a food tour from end to end of the British Isles.

The Little Boys Room

The Little Boys Room Map

You can personalise this map with a title of your choice, and even trace a journey with the red thread provided. A great way of commemorating something special.

We hope you find the perfect map to match your interior!

Kind regards,

The Willow & Hall team