How to Choose the Right Fabric for your Sofa Bed

If you thought choosing your sofa style was tough, just wait until you're faced with picking a fabric. With over 150 different options, from cottons to lightweight linens, wools and velvets, how do you choose the right fabric for your sofa bed? If you're finding yourself stuck in fabric indecision limbo, here are 3 top tips to help you make up your mind…

1. Does it fit in with the family?

how to choose the right fabric

The Ansty chaise sofa/sofa bed shown in Stain Resistant Linen Cotton, Stone

The key to choosing the right fabric is considering who will be using your sofa, particularly if it will be in use every day. So, this means it needs to be resistant to rubbing. And a big part of that is choosing a fabric that’s naturally durable and hardwearing. Especially if you share your living spaces with furry family members and children.

The Appledoe sofa/sofa bed shown in Broad Weave Linen, Silver

A rub count is a test of how hard-wearing the fabric is; it measures how many times the fabric can withstand friction before it starts to show signs of age. So, if your sofa bed is likely to be used on a daily basis, opting for fabrics such as our House Velvet or Broad Weave Linen is recommended. The resistance and durability of these fabric types, in particular, make them a great match for family and pet-friendly homes. Where the probability of accidental stains and spillages is higher than average.

2. Is the fabric the right style?

No matter where in your home your sofa or sofa bed is intended to sit (be it in a guest room, kids' playroom or in the main family living room), it's vital that the fabric you choose complements your existing décor, as well as the shape, style and design of the sofa you've selected.

The Downton Sofa Bed in Stain Resistant Linen Cotton, Nordic Blue

So, if you've chosen a look with bygone or period style influences, a traditional weave fabric can be a great match. And, fabrics such as Herringbone and Broad Weave Linen look incredibly elegant. They sit perfectly with sofa bed designs in vintage-inspired shapes, such as The Downton, The Langridge and The Appledoe.

The Deverill Sofa Bed in Cotton, Sea Mist

However, if the room is decorated in a contemporary style, opt for traditional shapes only in modern fabrics. This will help to successfully tie in the old with the new, and make a great style statement. So, don’t be afraid to play around with the fabric composition to unify your tastes and create something completely custom and bespoke. After all, that's the reason we offer such a wide range of fabrics on all of our handcrafted furniture creations at Willow & Hall.

3. Can you live with the colour?

A sofa bed is an investment piece that should last you a good 10 years at least. So, making sure you get the fabric colour spot on is crucial. While wall colours and soft furnishings can be altered over time, the likelihood is your sofa bed will remain with you for the long-term. So, bear this in mind when selecting the colour and make sure it's one you'll be happy to live with for the foreseeable future.

how to choose perfect fabric

The Atworth sofa/ sofa bed shown in Linen Cotton, Dove

Neutral shades are ideal if you want your sofa bed to still look relevant and on-trend even after a decade has passed. Grey fabric, for example, is a great investment. Not only is it available in a multitude of shades and densities but it's also extremely elegant and time-resistant. So, it’s a perfect fabric colour if you want something that will last the distance. And, it pairs perfectly well with other colours too. Changing your throws, cushions or even your wall colour won't cause a clash with a sofa or sofa bed upholstered in grey.

The Buttermere sofa/sofa bed shown in Linen, Sterling

If you're still struggling to decide on a fabric to cover your sofa bed in (and who can blame you with the selection on offer), then our samples page is the perfect place to start. You can select up to 8 samples entirely for free. We'll post these out to you in our neat little cosy pack.

So, there you have it, our top tips how to choose the right sofa fabric for your sofa bed. Or if you have any questions contact our expert Customer Service team on 020 8939 3800.

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