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Clean up in record time

For most of us, it’s fair to say housework isn’t something that tends to feature too high up on our to-do lists. But the same can’t be said for these Guinness World Record holders who have an altogether different view of domestic duties. Rather than shy away from cleaning, they’ve turned their efforts into a competitive sport, breaking official World Records for feats including being the speediest bedmaker (14 seconds!) and fastest female window cleaner (16.28 seconds). So, if you’re lacking motivation to pick up the mop, just look at how quickly these domestic chores have been tackled. Who knows, given the opportunity you might even stand to smash a record of your own.

Fastest time to make a single bed (team of two)


Sharon Stringer & Michelle Benkel:14 seconds

British sister & nurse duo Sharon Stringer and Michelle Benkel, used their expert hospital bed making skills to clinch victory in the title race for the fastest time to make a single bed for a team of two. With one blanket, two sheets, an under sheet, an uncased pillow, and one pillowcase to work with, the speedy twosome completed the task in just 14 seconds!

Most T-shirts ironed in 1 hour

ironing final

Delonghi Group: 1,982 T-shirts

Notching up a total just shy of 2,000 T-shirts ironed, the 97-strong Delonghi corporate team sailed to the top spot in the World Record for the most T-shirts ironed in 1 hour.

Most items washed up in 8 hours

washing up

Louise Dooey: 2,250 items

Our hats go off to Louise Dooey, who smashed the World Record for the number of items washed up in 8 hours, amassing a total of 2,250 individual objects by the time the last sud had settled. Not only did Louise have to speed wash like a trooper, she also had to meticulously arrange each item by product category, to ensure she stayed within the world record guidelines.

Fastest female window cleaner

window final 3Deborah Morris: 16.28 seconds

Deborah Morris squeegeed her way to victory to become the fastest female window cleaner at the Cleaning Show at the Birmingham NEC in the UK in 2011. Despite a 3 second penalty, Deborah managed to clean 3 frame mounted office windows in just over 13 seconds (16.28 with penalty), officially crowning her the speediest woman window cleaner in the world.

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