For many of you, Christmas involves cleaning and tidying the house, ready to host and entertain friends and family. However, with an abundance of mulled wine and festive feasts, it’s especially important to make sure your lovely home looks as good before the festive season as it does after.

That’s why, this week, we are providing you with top tips to keep your sofa in pristine condition. At Willow & Hall, our sofas, sofa beds and armchairs come in a wide range of upholstery and all require slightly different approaches when it comes to cleaning this Christmas. What's more, most of our cushions are machine washable so unwanted spills and sticky fingers can be removed.

We hope you won't need our top tips on cleaning your sofa this season, but better safe than sorry!

Festive Wishes,

The Willow & Hall team



Our Linen Cotton, Cotton, Striped Linen
Instructions: These fabrics need a tender approach when being cleaned. Although very reliable and durable, our Linen Cotton, Cotton and Striped Linen fabrics tend to be quite sensitive to water. That’s why we’d recommend dry-cleaning your sofa in situ this case. The same goes for cushion covers.

Our House Linen, Textured Linen, Matt Velvet, Crushed Velvet, Textured Chenille, Wool
Tools: Warm water, white clean cloth, mild detergent or neat white vinegar, hairdryer
Instructions: Most of these fabrics are durable and easy to clean. When cleaning your sofa, you should use a white cloth with a small amount of warm water – after a few gentle circular motions, all the stains should come right off. If they’ve been there for some time, we advise using a mild detergent or a dash of white vinegar as well. It’s important to get the upholstery dry as quickly as possible after cleaning the stains – a hairdryer will help!
With our cushions, you can take off their removable covers and quite simply pop them into the washing machine on a cool wash and hang them out to dry. Don't forget to pop the cushion covers back on though when they're around 95% dry so they retain their shape and fit snug around the cushion fillings.

House Leather
Tools: Warm water, clean cloth
Instructions: When it comes to a hard-wearing sofa, there’s hardly a better choice than our House Leather which can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Any spillages and stains shouldn’t soak up through the fabric, so you won’t need detergent – of course, the sooner you clean it, the better.


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