We believe in investing in quality pieces of furniture that can stand the test of time. So opting for a neutral colour sofa makes perfect sense. After all, neutral tones never date, age or go out of style.

And it seems many modern UK homeowners agree, as our grey toned fabrics, as well as some of our softer blues and greens are some of our most frequently ordered styles.

But, neutral furniture doesn't have to blend into the background. In fact, sofas in subdued shades are the perfect blank canvas to inject your own personal style stamp.

"Punches of colour keep a room feeling youthful and engaging"

- Christina Murphy, Interior Designer

So stop thinking of neutral as boring, and start seeing the endless possibilities that exist when you plump for furniture in subtler shades!  With these 3 colour combinations, perfect for brightening up a neutrally upholstered sofa.

Blue & Gold

Image: The Minety 4 Seater Modular Storage Sofa

Whether you opt for a dark and mysterious midnight blue, or a bright and chirpy turquoise, there's no denying blue and gold go together like chips, peas, and cod.

Inspired by the bustling souks and spice markets of Morocco the combination of calming and serene blue mixed with glittering gold accents is enough to give your neutral sofa an exotic twist. While keeping the overall mood, cool, laid-back and seriously stylish.

Pink & Orange

Image: The Chisbury Sofa (now discontinued)

Energetic orange and romantic pink are the ideal way to bring a little love, life and happiness into your living spaces. Together, these two warming colours are a force of nature, giving a neutral sofa an invigorating colour pop that can't fail to make an impression.

Think burnt orange sunsets and whimsical pink filled skies or beds of orange buds and pink petal flowers blossoming in a summer garden. There's no feeling blue where this bright and beautiful colour combination is concerned. So embrace orange and pink and enjoy an instant energy boost.


Purple & Yellow

Image: The Kittisford Sofa

Optimistic yellow is the brightest colour on the spectrum. So this one alone can't fail to work its magic on a neutral space. But add in royal purple and you've got an uplifting and spiritual colour pairing guaranteed to brighten up anyone's day.

The red and blue hues in purple both balance brilliantly with citrus, sunshine or pastel yellows. While purple's mysterious nature is the perfect yin to yellow's creative and happy yang. Which is said to make the left side of our brain (responsible for problem solving and deep thinking) kick into gear.

Customise in over 200 fabrics

Each of our sofa (and sofa bed) designs come with a 25-year guarantee on its wooden frame, as well as over 200 different fabric choices. So we're the perfect place to find that quality investment sofa to withstand time as well as wear.

You can view each of the House, Signature and Heritage fabrics we offer on our Free Samples page. And (because we know how hard it can be making your mind up) we'll even send you up to 8.