Maybe it's the lighter evenings and longer days or perhaps it's just the fact the temperature rises into the 20s, summer just has that feel good factor. People seem happier, the world seems brighter, and there's colour everywhere you twist and turn. From gorgeous green foliage and pretty floral hues, to azure blue skies, and ice-cream pastels. One thing's for sure, when the sun comes out to play, a spectrum of colour isn't far behind.

So what better source of inspiration than summer to use as a colour scheme in your home?

With the season packed full of colours guaranteed to raise a smile, a home decorated in summer shades is sure to bring about the same uplifting feel. So, with that in mind, here are Willow & Hall's picks for 6 summer colours to introduce in your living spaces if you need a seasonal pick me up.


The Kittisford Sofa or Sofa Bed

The colour of the sun itself, it doesn't get much more summery than yellow! As well as being literally the brightest colour on the spectrum, it's also the one the human eye is most attracted to. And it evokes feelings of happiness, optimism and creativity. So it's a perfect one to plump for if your home needs a little brightening up - literally.


The Lullington Accent Chair (now discontinued)

From the sky overhead to the sea that laps at our shores, blue is at its best in summer when it takes on a gorgeous primary colour pop. As well as reminding us of holidays, blue is also a colour our minds associate with serenity and being orderly. So if your home - or life - is a little chaotic, adding some blue into the picture should help to make things a little calmer!


The Lover sofa

If there's one colour that's everywhere in summer it's green. From the grass underfoot to the leaves in the trees, green is at its richest in summer. So it should come as no surprise that this is the colour of new life, energy and nature. A shade that our brains associate with growth and harmony, freshness and fertility. And, the perfect colour to decorate in if you want your home to feel more connected to the outdoors.


The Foxcote Sofa or Sofa Bed

 A colour that screams love and romance, pink brings about warm and fuzzy feelings - the same we commonly experience in summer. So it's one that delivers a potent double hit of happiness when used throughout your home.


The Restrop Corner Sofa or Sofa Bed from £2,250 or £2,470

The colour of a cool and refreshing Aperol Spritz (a summertime cocktail, drank throughout Italy), orange is an energetic colour that also evokes feelings of enthusiasm and excitement. So it's a brilliant one to use in your home if you want to feel uplifted and invigorated. It's also a common feature of summer skies at dusk, the source of many an Instagram post in the summer months! (Come on, we've all done it).


The Kingswood Sofa or Sofa Bed (now discontinued)

White is a colour that makes its way into our wardrobes in summer, and as well as its ethereal look and feel, it's perfect for helping to keep cool against the glaring heat. It's also a colour used in abundance throughout some of the sunniest destinations on earth, particularly in parts of Spain and Morocco. Plus, as it goes with everything, it's a brilliant base colour to use with other brighter colour pops.

Did you know our Willow & Hall furniture is all customisable to order? And we have over 130 different fabrics and colours in our collection to choose from. You can see the full range, which includes the summer shades above, by visiting our Free Samples page.

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