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Team W&H’s dream Christmas list!

Let’s be honest, we all daydream about the things we’d have if there were no limits to our wish list. From fancy cars, and designer togs, to purpose built mansions, and holidays of a lifetime. A shopping list with an unlimited budget is a very tempting thought indeed. One we can’t resist routinely pondering from time to time.

So, with Christmas just a couple of days away, team Willow & Hall’s thoughts have been turning to what might be waiting for us under the tree when we wake up. And while we’re pretty sure a six-figure sports car probably won’t be among the presents we’ll be unwrapping on 25th December, we can still have a little fun thinking about what Christmas would be like if the sky were the limit.

With that thought front of mind, here’s what a cross section of team Willow & Hall would place at the top of their dream Christmas lists this year…

Leila Nightingale, Marketing Manager


I’ve always dreamed of being able to get up close to orangutans and see them in their natural habitat. I find the baby ones in particular so adorable, I’d love to be able to hold one if I could. For me, this would definitely be the experience of a lifetime.

Victoria Ziemniak, Marketing Executive

The opportunity to swim with great white sharks would be top of my Christmas list. Sharks have always fascinated me. I chickened out last time I went on holiday (as you can imagine) but given the chance again, I would love to have the ultimate underwater experience. Hopefully I would live to tell the tale!

Karl McBride, Customer Service Executive

final sushi

I’m a shameless foodie so my gift would have to be an extraordinary meal. After watching the documentary “Jiro dreams of Sushi” I’ve always wanted to visit Tokyo and eat at this three Michelin-starred restaurant. The sushi is like little plates of art and you can tell that it tastes every bit as good as it looks.

Poppy Blendell, Customer Service Supervisor

I’m going to go for a time machine! Just imagine being able to go back and experience some of histories most iconic moments at the touch of the button. You could see The Beetles play live or visit the Moulin Rouge in its heyday. The possibilities would be endless! It’s definitely the gift that keeps on giving!

Liam Robinson, Customer Service Executive


If I could have any Christmas gift it would have to be a pancake printer. Just think of the awesome pancakes you could make. It would certainly impress houseguests around the breakfast table in the morning. The only problem I’d have is deciding which design to make so breakfast might take a while!

Do you agree with any of our suggestions? Maybe there’s something else you’d love if there were no obstacles? Leave a comment for us below, or drop us a note on Facebook or Twitter to let us know. And, if a Willow & Hall goodie is top of your Christmas list, then grab a cuppa and take a browse of our handcrafted sofas, sofa beds and beds. Remember, you can always gift yourself!

In the meantime, while we count down the remaining days until Christmas, there’s still time to speak to our lovely Customer Service team who are always on hand if you have any questions. They can be reached on 0845 468 0577 or by email at Or for more information on our Christmas and New Year opening hours click here.

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