When it comes to injecting personality into your home, walls are the ideal blank canvas to release creativity and let your imagination run wild. After all, if you don't like what you've done, you can just take it down or paint over it. Walls are a great way to create a feature in a room that's lacking, well, oomph. Best of all, a few simple updates to your walls can have a huge impact without breaking the bank. So, if you're struggling for inspiration, here's 5 fab suggestions for turning your walls into a beautiful statement piece of art.

Bendy Bookcases

Bendy Bookcase 1

Give your hardbacks something stylish to lean on, and your eyes something beautiful to gaze upon with a curved or moulded bookcase.

Plate Up

plates 6_feature

Give pretty plates a platform to be admired by creating a cluster of clashing patterns or grouping coordinating styles together to create a striking piece of 3D wall art.

On The Case

Suitcase Shelves 2

Pick up an old suitcase from a car boot sale or Ebay and then give it a new lease of life by transforming it into an eye-catching and practical shelf.

Go Potty

Plant Pots 2

Give yourself an indoor garden you can enjoy year-round with wall-mounted planters. Green is great for inspiration, so this is a perfect update for both a creative or office space.

Hang About

wall tapestry 1

Patterned tapestries and intricate macramé wall hangings are an easy update you can make in minutes that create maximum impact. If you don't want to wallpaper but you want to add pattern and texture, this is the perfect solution.

Just as you can customise your walls to suit your personal taste and style, our handmade furniture can also be customised with a fabric of your choice too. To get started visit Willow & Hall or speak to one of our friendly Customer Service team who will happily guide you through the process. Either email us via our contact-us form or call 020 8939 3800.

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