Have you ever walked into someone's home and felt an immediate sense of calm or energy? That's the power of Feng shui - the ancient Chinese practice of arranging your surroundings to create a harmonious flow of energy. And one of the most important spaces to apply this philosophy in your home is your living room. So if you're looking to create a more peaceful and welcoming space, here are some tips on how to Feng shui your living room.

1. Start with the layout.

Feng shui your living room corner sofa

The Fyfield Corner Sofa in House Linen, Vintage Grey

Feng shui principles dictate that the living room should have an open and inviting feel. So arrange your furniture in a way that creates conversation areas and allows easy movement throughout the space. Avoid placing furniture in a way that blocks the flow of energy or creates dead space. Try a corner sofa or a chaise sofa in the corner of the room to maximise free space.


2. Incorporate natural elements. 

One of the key principles of Feng shui is the use of natural elements to bring balance and harmony. For example, a philodendron plant (above) makes a well-suited feng shui plant for channelling love! So bring in plants, natural materials like wood or stone, and natural light to create a calming and rejuvenating atmosphere. Check out this article from Good Housekeeping on the best Feng Shui plants for positive energy.


3. Choose colours wisely.

The Lyneham Sofa Bed in Mohair Velvet, Chatsworth

Colours can have a big impact on the energy of a space. Feng shui experts recommend warm, earthy colours like beige, brown, and green for the living room, as they create a sense of grounding and stability.

4. Declutter and organize.

The Bishopstrow Chaise Storage Sofa Bed in Stain Resistant Linen Cotton, Pewter

A cluttered living room can create chaos and block the flow of energy. So keep surfaces clear, and invest in storage solutions like bookcases or cabinets to hide away any excess clutter. Or get really clever and use your sofa as extra hidden storage. A chaise storage sofa is a great investment for any home.

5. Add personal touches.

Finally, don't forget to infuse your own personal style into the space. Whether it's artwork, family photos, or a special memento, adding personal touches to your living room can make it feel more welcoming and relaxing.

By applying these Feng shui principles to your living room, you can create a space that not only looks but also feels great. So why not give it a try and see how it can improve your overall well-being? If you're feeling inspired to update your home, don't forget our sale is now on. Discover our range of luxury handmade furniture here. Or if you have any questions about our products, call our experts on 020 8939 3800.