As the big day draws nearer, it’s now time to start wrapping Christmas gifts. We’re here to show you how to wrap a Christmas present step by step in four of our favourite (and most Instagram-able) ways.

The Chicklade Sofa (now discontinued)


Did you know?

...most wrapping paper is non-recyclable? Any gift paper with foil, glitter or even a bit of sticky tape left on can not be recycled. We’ve chosen to use brown recyclable wrapping paper for our presents. Alongside it being more environmentally friendly, it gives the final wrapped gift a rustic feel and is more of a blank canvas, leaving more space for the decorations to stand out.

Step 1. Wrap a piece of ribbon around the left edge

Once you’ve wrapped your present in brown craft paper, add a piece of ribbon to the left edge. A wider piece of ribbon works better for this, ours is around 5cm in width. Wrapping presents using coloured ribbon gives your gifts an extra pop of colour and adds texture. Use a different coloured ribbon for each recipient to help distinguish between gifts.

Step 2. Wrap twine in the opposite direction

Starting on the side of the present you’d like to be the top, wrap twine length ways around the gift three to four times and tie in a knot, snipping the ends once tied. We recommend tying the knot over the centre of the ribbon. Using another piece of twine, tie a large bow over the knot you’ve just made in the centre of the ribbon, ensuring it’s threaded under the original twine so it is secure. We find that an arms-length of twine is the right amount to start with, you can always trim the ends once you’ve tied your bow.

Step 3. Add greenery and tags

The final step is to add your decoration! We’ve gone for a sprig of real Christmas tree and a white kraft paper gift tag tied with jute twine but the possibilities are endless. See below for more of our Christmas present wrapping ideas.

Try adding dried items

In this idea, we’ve added dried orange and cinnamon to give the Christmas gift a more lifelike feel. With a smaller piece of greenery you can keep the Christmas-y feel with the added bonus that it smells amazing too!

Use organza ribbon for a more textured look

We’ve gone more minimalist with the next look, replacing the pink ribbon with a neutral organza one to keep the textured look without the colour. Adding a large spruce tree cutting and a slice of dried orange gives the wrapped present a pop of colour.

Add a large bow for a luxury Christmas

Adding a huge bow to your gift gives it an almost over-the-top touch of luxury and draws full attention to a smaller present! Using a wide ribbon works best for this, ideally 6cm wide or more.

We’d love to know how you’re choosing to decorate your Christmas presents this year. If you try any of the ideas from our step by step guide then please tag us in your pictures! We’re on Instagram at @willow_and_hall or use #WillowAndHall for a chance to be featured on our feed.