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Create a handmade Christmas wreath

Creating a bit of Christmas magic is all about the personal touches, so why not start as you mean to go on by designing your very own Christmas wreath? After all, if you want a job done right, they do say you need to do it yourself!

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At Willow & Hall, we’re big fans of handcrafting from scratch. From every wooden frame to every piece of upholstery we fold and fix into place, nothing leaves our workshop without the human touch. Which got us thinking…what better way to make a good first impression this Christmas than with a homemade wreath to decorate your front door? From fresh topiary, berries and brambles you can forage yourself, to realistic looking greenery you can order online, here’s how you can make your own bespoke Christmas wreath in just a few simple steps.

Materials you’ll need:

A base (readily available from craft shops online)

Wire thread, craft glue and scissors or wire clippers

Spray paints (optional)


Your chosen wreath decorations

1. Start with a base

This is what determines the shape and style of your wreath. Straw, foam and wire make the best bases. Metal is good for a more lightweight and streamlined wreath, whereas straw and foam create a fuller looking shape and can be loaded up more liberally. You can find each of these base varieties cheaply online on EBay or in high street shops like Hobbycraft.

2. Add your bulk foliage

This will disguise your base and form the foundation of your design. You can use fake or real foliage. With wire bases you simply twist the foliage around the frame (you may need wire thread attached to real foliage to do this). With straw bases you can wrap and glue the foliage in place. And for foam bases, you can simply stick each branch directly into the foam itself and then fan and pin it into shape. Do this until the front of your base is fully covered and you’re back at the starting point.

3. Dress your wreath

Now you have the base prepared, it’s time to start adding embellishment and bring your design to life. This is where you can really get creative. Pinterest is a great place to consult for inspiration. Or check out Good Housekeeping’s gallery of 55 DIY wreaths here.

As a rule of thumb, if you want a traditional wreath, fir cones, red berries and holly branches work well. If you want something more glamorous and avant-garde, you can use spray paint to colour the leaves gold or silver and add crystal or gem embellishment. Again, a wealth of materials are available to purchase online and on the high street. Or, you can forage for your own.

4. Hang it up

Cut a length of thick ribbon long enough to suspend your wreath at the desired height on your door. Loop it around the back of the wreath if you’re working with a metal base, or pin or glue it into place for foam or straw bases. Then hang it over your door at the desired height, making sure the ribbon is long enough to reach over the top of your door, and then fix it in place using drawing pins.

So there you have it. An easy-peasy way to handcraft a beautiful bespoke wreath at home. And, you can even enlist the kids’ help if you’re looking for an entertaining activity to do over a weekend or on a rainy day. Don’t forget to share your creations with us on Twitter or Facebook.

And, if you want any advice on our handcrafted furniture items, visit our website or contact our Customer Service team who are always on hand to help. You can speak to them on 0845 468 0577 or email

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