There's no better time than Christmas to adopt Hygge (pronounced Hue-Guh) into your home. This Danish art of cultivating cosiness and social togetherness goes hand in hand with what Christmas is all about. So, if you haven't yet embraced the Hygge way in your home this winter, now's the time to right that wrong. And, if you're unfamiliar with Hygge, here's how it can best be explained in English:

It's that fuzzy feeling you get inside when everything's just lovely

It's the ability to be snug and cosy indoors even when it's freezing outside

It's creating a warm atmosphere that appeals to each of your senses

Starting to get the idea? If spreading a little joy is top of your to-do list this festive season, Hygge is a great way to go about it. So, here's our advice on how to make sure your home is Hygge ready to receive visitors this Christmas.

1. Get the light just right

A good lighting scheme is essential to creating a cosy atmosphere in your home and Christmas is the perfect time to be playful with your lighting choices. To get the mood right you want to avoid anything too bright or harsh:

Switch out white bulbs for ones that give off a nice warm glow

Use side lamps or uplighters instead of overhead lighting

Take dimmer switches down a notch or two.

Fairy lights are also great for creating that warm and fuzzy feeling, and at Christmas time you can be liberal with where you use them throughout your home. So, opt for styles with a subtle warming quality. And, if they twinkle, choose a setting where the lights fade in and out instead of fast and furious flashing.

2. Introduce an appealing room scent

Hygge comes about when you satisfy all of your senses, and introducing a fragrance throughout your home makes sure your sense of smell is appeased:

Plug in room scenters in each of your living spaces

Use diffusers in key areas

Light scented candles (just remember to always blow them out before you go to bed or leave a room)

Use festive pot pourri seeded throughout entertaining spaces

Cloves, cinnamon, Satsuma and spices are all Christmassy smells you can easily adopt in your home over the festive period to help cultivate that Hygge feel. Tip: make some mulled wine for when guests arrive. The smell it gives off while infusing will tick the scent box, while the drink itself can't fail to bring about that warm and fuzzy Hygge feeling.

3. Layer up with tactile textures

Textures are ideal for satisfying your sense of touch. And, the cold Christmas spell is the perfect opportunity to invest in some toasty throws and layer up with cushions to create that Hygge snugness. So, when you're picking out soft furnishings for your home:

Think about how the material feels against your skin

Remember you're aiming for cosiness with your choices

Soft and fluffy fabrics are ideal, as are lovely chunky hand knits and faux furs, which also add to that Scandinavian feel (Hygge originated in Denmark after all). Try and avoid anything itchy or scratchy as this will undo all your hard work, and focus instead on rugs that feel satisfying under foot or throws you'll want to wrap around yourself.

4. Serve up a visual feast for the eyes

Food is a fundamental part of any Christmas (of that nobody can deny). But a Hygge Christmas dinner is about more than making sure everything tastes great - though naturally that's important too. And, Christmas is a time for spectacle and bedazzling - they do say we eat as much with our eyes as our mouths after all. So, make sure that everything you bring to the table is beautifully presented too.

If artistry and style isn’t your strong point take inspiration from those who know best - Instagram and Pinterest are both great for food styling ideas. And, if cooking up a storm really isn't your strong point then let the experts take the reigns. Christmas is a time when supermarkets seriously up their game.

So, with that you're all set to enjoy Christmas at home the Hygge-way. And let's not forget, the Dane's regularly rank among the happiest nation on Earth, so that fact alone should be enough to inspire you to let a little Hygge into your life.