Just like the clothes you wear, your furniture is a reflection of your unique personal style; making a statement about who you are, and what you like. So having the freedom to change (not only) the colour of your furniture, but also its feel and appearance, is the best way to find items you love. Not just today, but in the long term too.

The beauty with handcrafted and made-to-order furniture is that it allows you to do just that. It gives you the chance to change elements to your exact tastes, and add optional extras that fit in with your unique lifestyle. All this for a fraction of what it costs to commission bespoke pieces, or refurbish old items.

Our Unique Customisation Options

At Willow & Hall we're big believers in this approach, which is why we offer several customisation options on each of our handcrafted furniture designs. We also offer:

  • Free nationwide delivery (within 4-5 weeks)
  • 30-day no quibble returns
  • A 25 year frame guarantee

Here are just a handful of the ways we allow you to personalise our furniture to reflect your own style:


Nothing will give your furniture a more unique look and feel than the fabric you choose. We've worked hard to source a wide selection of styles, colours and materials, giving you hundreds of different options to select from.

When deciding on a fabric it's important to bear in mind a few things:

Rub count - this is the measure of how resistant your fabric is. The higher the rub count, the more hardwearing. High rub count fabrics are especially good if you have pets at home that like to climb on furniture.

Colour - Colour is a very personal preference, and it's always a good idea to opt for the one that makes your heart sing. But bear in mind that neutrals can be more time-defying, while lighter colours will show stains more visibly.

Aftercare - We always try to make our fabrics as easy to keep clean and look after as possible. We've included naturally stain resistant materials in our range, as well as machine washable ones, to help prolong the life of your furniture.

Appearance - Some of our fabrics are intended to have a loose-fitting, relaxed look, while others have a visible fleck running through them. So consider how you want your furniture to look (and age over time) when deciding on a fabric.

Because we know what a tough decision finding your ideal furniture fabric is, we'll send you up to 8 free samples to compare at home. This gives you a realistic feel for the fabric, as well as how the colour looks in artificial and natural light.

Extra cushions

Some of our sofa styles come with an abundance of cushions (The Tidcombe Corner Sofa and The Bowood Chaise being two such examples). But for those that don't, we offer the option of ordering extra scatter cushions. In the same fabric that matches your sofa's style.

The Bowood Chaise sofa/sofa bed (discontinued)

These typically come in square or bolster shape (depending on the style of sofa or sofa bed you select). The great thing about extra cushions is that you always have a spare (or two) should accidents happen. Not to mention, they're also super comfy too.

Removable arms

Not all of our sofa, sofa bed or armchair styles come with arms as standard. The Appley Sofa bed for instance, as well as our modular sofa styles The Minety, The Deverill and The Ablington are all armless by design. But the majority of our designs do feature arms (typically square, scroll or Howard shape) and for these styles we offer the option of removable ones.

The Appley 2 seater sofa bed

The beauty of removable arms is that they make it easier to move your furniture into your living spaces. Arms on sofas add extra inches to the overall length, which can make it tricky to navigate tight corners and clear narrow doorways. With removable arms this ceases to be a problem. The arms are just added on once your furniture is positioned in its rightful place.

Arm caps

Arm caps are another optional extra designed to add years to your sofa or armchair's life. They're a fabric insert, constructed from the same fabric as your furniture, designed to protect the arms from grease, grime and wear.

Unlike the arms of your sofa or armchair, arm caps can be easily removed for cleaning and replaced again once freshly laundered. They are ideal for protecting the actual arms of your sofa from life's nasties.

Different legs

Although we design all of our furniture items with specific feet or legs, we're not precious about changing them if you prefer the look and style on another of our designs.

All of our legs are hand whittled from solid hard wood, either in bun, sabre or spindle shape. The leg style also has an influence on the overall height of your sofa too. So if you like The Appledoe Love Seat, but prefer the feet on The Dunsmore, just let us know and we can make this adjustment to your order.

The Appledoe love seat sofa/sofa bed


Your bed is the likely to be the biggest furniture piece in your bedroom, and the item that everything else anchors itself around. Nothing gives your bed a personal touch more than the headboard style you plump for.

If you opt for our divan or ottoman bed bases, you have the option of adding a headboard of your choice from our range. These include everything from Baroque-inspired studs, to chimney style designs. All headboards come in our full range of fabric options too, perfect for creating the bed of your dreams.

Order Our Free Cosy Pack Today

Our cosy pack is the ideal way to get to grips with our 130+ fabrics. Order yours (including up to 8 free samples) on our samples page today. For more ideas on how to make your furniture more personal, take a look at our customisation guide, which explains each option in a little more detail.

Kind regards,

The Willow & Hall team