Decorating in sun, sea and sand colours (of beige, blue and yellow) helps to inject that same feeling of being on holiday, into your home. There's nothing quite like being by the seaside and for many Brits a house sea adjacent is top of their "one day" wish list. But, if living by the beach is out of the question, why not bring the beach to you instead?

So if you want life to be a beach year-round, beige, blue and yellow interiors are the way forward.

Here's how to pull off beach chic in your home:

 Choose the right blue

There are an abundance of blue hues to choose from so getting the right shade of blue is priority one when decorating in beach colours.

You want to capture the feel on a blue-sky day. So avoid anything dark or cool, such as cobalt, midnight blue or navy. Stick to blues with warmer notes such as turquoise, electric blue and aqua. These also pair better with beige and yellow accents. The green undertones in these shades add natural warmth, perfect for recreating that rejuvenating beachside feel.

Seek out inspiration

Whenever you're attempting a new decorating scheme at home, it's always a great idea to start with a mood board. Doing this will not only help focus your ideas but it will also give you a clear vision for what you want to achieve.

If you're someone who's naturally crafty…

Making a collage is a great way to condense your colour, fabric and furnishing references in one place. You can immediately see what works together. Plus, making one is an unbelievably cathartic way to spend an afternoon and a great way of recycling old interiors magazines too!

If you're more digitally driven…

Pinterest is an online image-sharing site, where users can create boards, and "pin" pictures to them. It's less messy, more time efficient and the perfect way to procrastinate. It's also available on an app too so you can work on your beach board from your phone snapping a picture of anything you see and adding it to your page.

Focus on how you want to feel

For some, the beach is a serene and relaxing place, where life's stresses are unloaded and troubles just melt away. For others, it brings about a heightened sense of happiness and childlike regression.

It's no coincidence that our feelings are affected just by being at the beach. Beige blue and yellow both have strong influences over our emotions so focusing on how you want to feel in your home is a great way to approach your project.

To help, here's a little insight into the psychology behind each colour:


Just like blue, beige has calming properties. It has warm undertones, and because it's neutral it's ideal for accenting with other, bolder, colours.


Blue inspires creativity and is the most calming of colours. Perfect if you want to cultivate a relaxing and serene home space.


 Sunshine yellow is (unsurprisingly) the happiest colour. It brings about feelings of optimism, enthusiasm, energy and hope.

Have fun with it

Home decorating isn't about sticking to strict rules nor recreating someone else's idea of a dream interior. You need to tap into what it is that makes you tick as a person. Choose furnishings, accessories and furniture that reflect your own tastes and your unique personality.

If you want to paint your kitchen cabinets yellow, go for it! And if you like particular beige printed wallpaper, use it. Making blue, beige and yellow your jumping off point doesn’t mean you'll end up with "off-the-shelf" living spaces. As a matter of fact your own interpretation of beach style can be anything you make it so be as bold and inventive as you like within the colour theme.

The Wishford Armchair (now discontinued) shown in Matt Velvet Turmeric

Make it work long-term

As we know all too well, trends tend to come and go. What we love one day might not fulfil us two or three years on, that's just human nature. One-way to "future proof" your beach décor is by keeping furniture choices neutral and using blues and yellows to accent your beige items, in order to build the look.

This way, if you tire of your beach inspired living space down the line, updating it won't prove too costly. You can simply paint over any blue or yellow walls with a fresh new colour. Instantly breathing new life into a room, while recycling your original furniture choices to tie in with the new theme. A few well-chosen accessories will also help you reinvent your living spaces, as well as give your existing furniture a fresh new look.

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