Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of harmonising and balancing the energy flow in your surroundings. This is to promote well-being and prosperity. One of the most important spaces in your home to adopt Feng shui principles is your bedroom as it is where you recharge and rejuvenate. Here are some tips on how to Feng shui your bedroom, focusing on your furniture.

1. The bed

The Marlborough Bed in House Linen, Oyster

The most crucial feature of Feng shui in the bedroom is the location of your bed. According to this philosophy, your bed should be positioned in a way that you can see the door, but not be directly in line with it. This gives you a sense of security while sleeping. Additionally, make sure your bed is not placed under a  window or facing a sharp corner. This can create a flow of energy that can make it harder for you to sleep or feel relaxed.

2. Nightstands and lamps

The Yarnbrook Bed in House Velvet, Gunmetal

Nightstands on either side of the bed is recommended in Feng shui, as it represents balance and promotes a sense of equality between partners. Hang lamps near the headboard instead of overhead lighting, as it creates a more calming ambiance.

3. Dressers and closets

Chester Chest of Drawers from Cotswold Company

Your closet and dresser should be placed diagonally opposite your bed. This placement allows for ample storage without interfering with the flow of chi in your bedroom. It's also vital to keep your closet and dresser organized to promote positive energy flow.

4. Seating

The Hamptworth Armchair in House Linen, Argent

If you have enough space in your room, consider placing a cosy chair or chaise lounge in a corner as a sitting area. It's essential to create a nurturing space in your bedroom for relaxation, where you can read, meditate or just unwind.

5. Storage

The Compton Ottoman Storage Bed in Stain Resistant Linen Cotton, Dove

And, whilst the placement of your furniture is an essential aspect of Feng shui, keeping your bedroom clean and clutter-free is equally important in promoting positive energy flow. Use clever pieces of furniture such as an ottoman bed or storage sofa bed to add valuable storage space.

By adopting these simple Feng shui principles in your bedroom, you can create a harmonious and calm atmosphere, conducive to restorative sleep and overall well-being. If you're feeling inspired, browse our range of luxury, handmade beds.