Royal style has long been synonymous with grandeur and opulence, as anyone who's been to Buckingham Palace during its opening season (or seen Netflix's The Crown) will know. But, as Meghan Markle prepares to tie the knot with Prince Harry in a ceremony watched by the world, there's one area of the Royal's lives that remains under wraps. And, that's their marital home - Nottingham Cottage.

Once lived in by Kate and Wills, and more recently a bachelor pad to Prince Harry, Nottingham Cottage may be described as a modest 2 bed but we're betting the interiors are anything but. Well, it is on the grounds of Kensington Palace after all.

What Meg and Harry's home does demonstrate however is that you don't have to own a palace to channel royal style. So if, like the young royals, your home is a tad bijou, or built this side of the 1700s, you can still inject your own royal stamp, through furniture choices, colours and fabrics - all of which will give your humble home, the royal treatment it deserves.


While most of us keep to neutral hues in our homes, the royals are more experimental when it comes to colour - bypassing white walls in favour of rich, deep tones that ooze grandeur, and make a statement. So, if you want to make your interiors look more regal, updating your colour scheme is a great place to begin. Here's the most common colours associated with royal style in 2018:


Blue signifies competence, high quality, loyalty, trust and intelligence. So, it's no wonder this royal colour is so often found in palatial homes. To get the royal look, opt for darker blue hues of navy and indigo, and avoid anything too diluted, that errs on the side of sky blue or eggshell.


Red represents strength, power, and passion. And, not only is it commonly used in Royal households, but it's also the uniform colour worn by the Royal guards, and the colour of royal robes too. So, its connection to the palace runs deep. Opt for burgundy and mahogany shades to be in keeping with the royal palette.


When it comes to wealth, luxury and status, there's no colour more symbolic than gold. The Queen famously wore gold threads during her inauguration. And, gold detailing is everywhere in the royal palaces. From picture surrounds, and chandeliers, to decorative objects. So, use gold as an accent colour, and opt for photo frames, ornaments and pendant lights in this rich colour.


A favourite colour of the Queen, purple is the colour most often associated with nobility. So it's only fitting to use it in your home if you want to replicate a royal feeling throughout your interiors. Darker shades of plum, grape and eggplant, are all especially perfect for injecting that royal air.


Green might be a natural and earthy colour, but that doesn't stop it from having royal associations. It's also commonly stirs up feelings of safety and ambition. And, the royals have used sage, emerald and forest green across the ages and throughout their households.

Fabrics & Finishes

Tradition, sovereignty and opulence are what spring to mind when thinking of the fabrics found throughout royal dwellings. So, if you want your soft furnishings and accessories to make your living spaces feel more regal, choosing fabrics and finishes in the colours mentioned above is a must.

Here's a few ways you can achieve this:

  • Stylish floor length curtains offset with gold tiebacks
  • Accent cushions with a satin finish
  • Baroque or jacquard prints
  • Oversized floor rugs with a short pile
  • Twisted chord and tassel trims
  • Velvet sofas, headboards or armchairs
  • Antique style mirrors in a rococo or empire frame
  • Gilded gold picture and wall art surrounds
  • A statement pendant light such as a chandelier

Furniture Choices

Most important to the royal look are your home furniture choices. So, cherry pick styles that take influence from period pieces, which helps give your home the feeling of grandeur any royal residence needs.

Sofas and Sofa Beds

With only one spare bedroom at their Nottingham Cottage home, Meghan and Harry may have to invest in a sofa bed to give overnight guests somewhere to sleep. If you’re in the same boat, the good news is today's sofa bed styles offer their fair share of grand touches. So, they wouldn't look out of place in a home fit for a prince or princess.

The Gastard love seat is ideal if space is restricted. Just slightly smaller than a 2 seater sofa, it's the ideal size for box rooms with a royal finish.

The Gastard Love Seat

 If a sofa bed isn't required, why not opt for a fixed back sofa style such as The Lover? In one of our matt velvet fabrics especially, this would blend in perfectly in any royal home.

The Lover Sofa

Armchairs And Accent Chairs

A statement armchair is a benchmark of royal style. But, if you're short of a library or drawing room indoors, an armchair added to a landing, living room, or master bedroom, works just fine too. Something sturdy and brimming with feature details, such as The Haxon is perfect for the job as too are The Kittisiford and The Foxcote.

The Foxcote armchair

Or, you could go down the slightly more traditional route with a beautiful curved back style like The Appledoe - which features iconic scrolled arms and hand carved wooden bun feet.

Day Beds & Master Beds

Upholstered headboards are a big trend in interiors for spring 2018 and they just so happen to be ideal for creating that royal look at home too.

You want a bed that has gravitas and sets the stage for the rest of the room, for example a style with a statement headboard like The Sandridge or The Yarnbrook would achieve in a heartbeat.

Of course, if you really want to go down the royal route a frame, which features a head and footboard, is a guaranteed winner. And, styles such as The Winterslow, The Widham or The Harnham are enough to transform your bedroom into a royal boudoir.

The Winterslow bed

The other furniture piece that can help capture a regal feel in your living spaces at home is a day bed. These elongated armchair styles are the ultimate in comfort. But, they also scream royalty too. So, invest in a period inspired one like The Downton or The Buttermere shown below to create maximum impact.

The Buttermere day bed (discontinued)

And, of course no royal palace would be complete without it's very own Corgi. So if you really want to do as the royals do, invest in a cuddly one from Buckingham's Palace's official online shop.

For more Royal inspired styles from our range you can browse our furniture items by style or size using the drop down menus on our homepage. And don't forget to choose a fabric that's in keeping to royal trends.

Kind regards,

The Willow & Hall Team