After a long hard day there's no greater feeling than settling into a relaxing evening at home. Unless of course, it's your home that happens to be causing you stress in the first place.

So, if you're failing to feel relaxed in your living spaces just follow our 6 simple steps for creating a calmer interior...

1. Banish clutter

The quickest way to create calm is by creating order. And, it just so happens this step is one you can do for free too.

When we talk about decluttering we don't just mean moving mess out of sight and making sure the kids keep their toys tidy. Instead, banishing clutter also means reducing the amount of accessories in a room, as well as cutting back on wall art too. Clean, organised spaces will help you feel more relaxed. So, donate anything collecting dust to charity, and keep your surfaces, and walls, minimally decorated too.

2. Decorate in greens and blue

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Most of us are conditioned to decorate in whites and creams. And, while it's true that this colour can feel light and airy, it's actually green and blue that bring about the biggest sense of calm, which isn't surprising considering they're everywhere in nature. And, it's this connection to the natural world that makes them so serene.

Even unimposing shades, such as a duck egg blue or pale mint green, can make a living space feel instantly calmer. And, if you're not sure about using them on all 4 walls, consider painting an accent wall instead. Or, simply introduce the colours through soft furnishings as well as natural flowers and plants.

3. Choose natural fabrics

When you're calm you feel lighter all over. And, it's this lightness that should be reflected through your interiors if you want your living spaces to echo the same sense of stillness.

Natural fabrics are the way to create this effect. So, choose sofas upholstered in washed cottons that have a laid back look. And, if you have a rug or a throw in a room, opt for something that feels great to the touch as soft textures against your skin are great for creating a calming mood.

4. Avoid intense light

Most overhead lights at home can be quite bright. So, they're great for bathing a space in light but not so great for creating calm.

When it comes to relaxing, soft lighting makes a big difference. So, use lamps dotted around a room, to create a gentler glow. And, avoid any harsh fluorescent style lighting, such as spots, that give off bright white light. Dimmer switches are also good for creating diffused light in living spaces, so turn these down a few notches if you usually use them on full beam.

5. Introduce fragrance

Appealing to your sense of smell is just as important when creating a calming space. You can do this by bringing in fresh fragrant flowers, using a natural soy scented candle or having a diffuser plugged in. Just make sure the scent you choose is one that is conducive to creating calm.

Lavender, for example, is ideal for relaxation, and a lot of people find it helps them sleep. If you can't find it fresh, a lavender fragranced room scenter will do the job. Or, opt for Vanilla, a known mood elevator or pine, which helps reduce stress. Alternatively, choose Jasmine, which is similar to vanilla, and can help make you feel more positive.

6. Hide electronics

One of the reasons our minds find it so hard to switch off is down to the amount of electronic gadgets we're exposed to everyday. And, even after we've shut down our office computers for the night, there's no shortage of screens to stare at when we get home.

If you want to create a calmer feeling living space removing, or hiding, your electronics is key. After all, when was the last time you flicked through an interiors magazine and saw a giant TV plastered on the wall? So, choose furniture that can house your TV, stereo and other electronics. And, make sure all wires are out of sight, and speakers are hidden from view.

For more ways to feel calmer at home, take a look online for inspiration. And, consider a gentle evening exercise such as yoga, or treat yourself to a natural caffeine-free tea such as chamomile. Or, to cosy up and browse our collection of fabrics we offer on our handcrafted furniture, take a look at our Free Samples page.