You may associate an autumnal colour palette with golden hues which reflect the changing of the leaves. Red berries, russet foliage and rich browns are often the first shades we think of when we picture an autumn scene. But, while warm, earthy tones are certainly hallmarks of some autumn days, not every day in September, October and November is golden, crisp and bright.

Autumn colour

The Foxham Love Seat Sofa or Sofa Bed shown in Brushed Cotton Pigeon from £832 or £1,062

In fact, some of the snuggest, cosiest days in autumn are overcast. These are the first days after summer when we crave a hearty bowl of soup and finally pull on that woolly jumper we’ve neglected since April. The days when we first feel a little chilly in the evenings and just want to stay cuddled up on the sofa. The days when you realise you’d rather go for a brisk walk rather than lounge around on a blanket in the park. This is the type of autumn we feel nostalgic for when the weather starts to turn.

A “traditional” autumn colour palette has plenty of charm, but rich tones like these don’t always translate in interior design and don’t always work all year round. While fiery or earthy tones can add warmth and interest to an interior space, wholly committing to this type of colour palette can sometimes be a little overwhelming - especially outside of the autumn months. A bold, Mediterranean terracotta-doused space may have its own romance, but these sorts of rich shades can quickly become too busy and too dominant, especially in rooms designed for relaxation.

It’s with this in mind that we’ve curated an entirely new colour palette, inspired by this season of change. We call it “the new autumn”.

The new autumn

Crisp sky blues, moody greys, mossy greens; our fresh take on the autumnal colour palette is all about those chillier, damper days which make us feel all warm and snug inside. When we designed this fresh colour scheme, we had sprouting mushrooms, moss, lichen, damp mornings and darker evenings in mind.

This is a colour palette designed to be harmonious, and to sit comfortably in your favourite spaces without becoming overwhelmed - even outside of autumn. Unlike the strong tones of a traditional autumn colour palette, our new autumn inspired collection is chic and adaptable, offering seasonally inspired design which looks elegant all year round.

Finding your colour

Used together, this palette creates a cosy autumnal feel. However, each colour in the scheme has its own connotations and effects. Which will you choose as your dominant tone?

  • Grey

Although many people perceive grey as “drab”, this colour is having a real style moment in interior design circles. The perfect stylish base for almost any interior design. Greys can be cool or warm, while providing depth which simple white-based shades cannot. Calming and soothing, grey tones give us as feeling of safety and security - the perfect backdrop for snug autumn style.

The Buttermere Sofa or Sofa Bed shown in Country Linen Zinc from £1,039 or £1,189

  • Blue

Widely held to be one of the most positive and uplifting shades on the colour wheel, blues are relaxing and calming. Some studies suggest that the colour blue can actually reduce our blood pressure, helping us to gently combat stress in our home environments. Light shades of blue, like those used in our autumn palette, will help a room feel airier and lighter, while deeper shades will give it a heavier, more meditative quality.

The Haxton Sofa or Sofa Bed shown in Plain Wool Brunswick from £1,455 or £1,605

  • Green

Closely linked to the natural world, green is another soothing colour which shares many of its relaxing qualities with blue (it is largely made up of blue tones, after all). Green is believed by many designers to be the most soothing on the eye, which makes it a very pleasant accent colour. Too much green, however, can be somewhat overwhelming, which makes it much more suitable for use in a mixed colour palette - just as it appears in nature.

The Lyneham Sofa or Sofa Bed shown in Textured Chenille Duck Egg from £1,055 or £1,205

Selecting sofa bed shades

You may not give much thought to your sofa bed in everyday life. That is until you have a guest coming to stay. Our hectic lives give us little opportunity to meticulously plan for visitors. It’s not until they’re virtually on the doorstep that we remember the coffee stains on our spare linen and the broken slat which renders our old guest bed a death trap.

If you do have the luxury of a little time to pick out a fresh sofa bed, make sure you consider the colour as well as the other practical aspects. While pull-out beds may look cohesive and coordinated once they are folded away and cloaked with a throw, as soon as they’re unfurled they can really clash with an interior.

As the most important piece of furniture for visitors, choosing a coordinated sofa bed can make all the difference by ensuring your home feels “put together” and their bed doesn’t feel like a clunky afterthought.

Focus on: Fabrics

Autumn is such a tactile season. From the spikiness of chestnuts and the crunchiness of golden leaves, to warm, thick stews and big, snug scarves, this is a season which is all about sensation. We think that interiors should be pleasingly tactile all year round, but incorporating a “touchy feely” aspect in autumn is especially important when you want to feel cosy.

Our new fabric swatches

All too often, beautifully designed interiors have a “look, don’t touch” quality. This should be avoided at all costs. While a beautiful home is a beautiful thing, it should always feel homely and comfortable. If you’re hesitant to really use a space, you may want to invest in some cosier features and textures to make sure your space feels comfortable and welcoming.

Our sofa beds are available in a huge range of fabrics, so you can choose a finish which feels right for your home. For our “new autumn” look, we think that super soft, indulgent Vintage Velvets are a winning choice, while our Herringbone Wool and Highland Tweed options also lend a snug, cuddled up feel. For a super practical everyday finish you can feel confident getting “hands-on” with, our soft, Stain Resistant Cotton can’t be beaten. All our fabrics come from our artisan suppliers and are crafted in our workshop. We offer a cornucopia of colours, textures and customisation options, plus you can easily order a range of fabric samples for free, making it even easier for you the make the right choice.

The Eddington Sofa or Sofa Bed shown in Linen Cotton Pewter from £1,181 or £1,331

Seasonal inspiration

Want to incorporate our “new autumn” colour palette into your home’s interiors? It’s pleasingly simple to achieve this laid-back look, which looks chic and cosy all year round. Here are a few tips which will infuse your spaces with our seasonal style…

  • Infuse colour with soft furnishings

Changing your soft furnishings is one of the easiest ways to incorporate a new colour scheme into your home. Whether you choose to reupholster some of your existing furniture in a “new autumn” shade, or replace old curtains with fresh window dressing, these little changes will introduce a whole new palette to your home. In our collection, you’ll find an abundance of beautiful furniture upholstered in soft greys, cool blues and mossy greens, along with other subtle autumnal shades.

  • Choose accent items

Little touches can often really complete an interior. From artfully chosen photo frames, to snuggly blankets, the accessories we add to our homes can really tie a space and a colour scheme together. We think silver accents really set off our latest colour range, while little splashes of mauve, washed-out blue and mossy green add depth and coherence to this soft, chic scheme. When we finally hit the summer months again we can store your blankets at the foot of your bed with a stylish blanket box.

The Ludwell Blanket Box shown in Vintage Linen Laurel from £447

  • Wear it on your walls

If you want to fully infuse our “new autumn” colours into your home, adding notes from the scheme to your walls will lay the foundation for a cohesive look. Whether you choose to paint your entire interior, or just refresh one feature wall, take inspiration from our seasonal colour palette. A soft grey wall looks beautiful when warmed up with mauve and blue touches throughout the rest of your interior.

Wallpaper is another wonderful way to give your walls an autumn inspired update which looks beautiful throughout the seasons. We especially love subtly textured designs which mimic the feel of dappled autumn foliage and moody skies, giving your interior depth and richness.

Kind regards,

The Willow & Hall team