Last week, we sat down for an exclusive chat with London-based interior designer, Rebecca Hadley.  Rebecca is the founder and owner of recently launched company, Make My House Home, which offers interior design services. She uses her experience gained during her career at Selfridges and Urban Outfitters as well her degree from Central St. Martins College of Art & Design, to transform spaces.

 Amongst other things, we speak to Rebecca about her recent renovation of Fitzroy Place, which features our very own Bayfield corner sofa (exciting we know)! Read on to find out more…

Tell us a bit about why you started Make My House Home? Where did your idea come from?

The initial idea came about whilst I was helping a friend look for furniture for her new flat. She was getting in a fluster about what would look right, and the words just came out of my mouth, “don’t worry, I’ll make your house home”. From then on, the name and concept just kind of stuck.

What emerging interior trends are you loving at the moment, and why? What influence do these have on your work?

I am really enjoying the use of raw materials throughout the interiors world at the moment; the different types of ceramics, marble, concrete, and rattan. I am extremely passionate about sourcing products that are made locally by craftsmen and it is something that I definitely want to pursue more through my work.

Why did you choose to buy furniture from Willow & Hall for this particular project and how did you come across us?

I chose Willow & Hall because their furniture is made entirely in the UK, and it is excellent quality and also very affordable! I came across Willow & Hall whilst having dinner with a close friend. She mentioned that she had recently bought a sofa from you and was extremely happy with it – so I looked you up!

What are your top tips for how to bring together different styles?

The key is always colour and detailing. Choose your colour pallet and keep everything within it – you can always have accent colours but keep the undertones on the same pallet. When you match things like the stitching on a cushion to the colour of a light, or the handles on your kitchen cabinet to the brackets on your shelf then it brings everything together.

What was your inspiration behind your designs/colours/schemes for Fitzroy Place?

Fitzroy Place is a luxury, high-end apartment, in the heart of London. My client wanted to create a home from home; he works long hours and therefore wanted to come back to a relaxing environment. The flat is contemporary in style, so it was important to maintain this, whilst also creating a homely environment. The key to this was using a mixture of different woods, leathers, and cottons to create warmth whilst also adding concrete and glass to keep the contemporary feel. Overall, the key to design was comfort, which is why Willow & Hall's Bayfield sofa was perfect - as soon as you sit down you don’t want to get up! I chose it in the Textured Linen Pebble, as the fabric is durable and the colour is calming.

Here are some photos of our lovely Bayfield sofa in Fitzroy Place:



Thinking of renovating? If you would like to find out how Rebecca can help make your own house home, visit or email [email protected].

Best wishes,

The Willow & Hall Team

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