After a week of delicious food, gift-giving and festive cheer, our homes (and minds) can become in need of a good declutter. So, before you pack away the Christmas decorations, take a look at our top tips for a successful New Year Declutter.


After opening new presents, hosting visiting family and friends and the general messiness that comes with Christmas, our homes can start to feel cluttered. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the mess, use the opportunity to get organised. Assign 'homes' for all gifts, so everything has a place. But don't be afraid to regift or donate any presents you know you won't use rather than hanging onto them unnecessarily. One of the biggest hurdles to efficiently tidying and getting sorted is too much stuff, so be ruthless. Clear, labelled storage boxes are excellent for storing less frequently used items in cupboards or lofts. Under-bed or sofa storage boxes are great for clothes and shoes. For Christmas decorations it can be tempting to throw everything in a box and worry about it next year. Try to fight this urge and instead methodically pack everything away. You'll thank yourself next December when it's time to put the tree up again!

Christmas storage

Pictured: Christmas Ornament Storage Bag by Costco.

Get Organised

Once Christmas is packed away and sorted turn your attention to the rest of your house and belongings. Work your way through each room, ensuring only items you really love and want are kept. If you find the children still have a mountain of toys, or your wardrobe is full to the brim, try rotating your belongings. Split our your wardrobe by seasons and store any clothes you won't need for 6 months in vacuum-packed bags. Limit the number of toys out at any one time. Not only will this help with clutter, it also keeps toys exciting and entertaining when they're unpacked.

Stay Organised

Maintenance is one of the hardest parts of a New Year declutter. Don't let your hard work go to waste. Set aside time once a month to ensure clutter isn't creeping back into your home. Or trial a one-in and one-out system for any new purchases to keep things under control. Most importantly just be mindful of putting things away and staying on top of mess.

Get Prepared

The more de-clutter preparation you do before a birthday, big gathering or Christmas the better. If you know presents and new belongings are on their way, try to clear out some old items in preparation. Investing in storage solutions in advance can also take the pressure off a big declutter when the time comes. If you're looking to purchase a new big ticket item such as a sofa or bed, think about how these can work to your advantage. Ottoman or divan beds and blanket boxes offer amazing hidden storage space for bedrooms. For sofas and sofa beds you can find hidden storage under chaises or seats for living spaces.

New Year Declutter