There's no more British colour combination than that of red, white and blue. Not only do these three primary colour pops make up the iconic Union Jack flag print, but used in unison they also bring about a coastal vibe, synonymous with the British seaside. What's more, according to colour psychology, each one has a unique way of making us feel:

Red - conjures up energy, love, passion and determination

Blue - the colour of sky and sea, symbolises stability and calm

White - is associated with light, innocence and goodness

And, at Willow & Hall there's no shortage of each of these inspiring British shades in our furniture fabric selection. From our Linen Cotton Chilli and Cotton Cherry to our Washed Cotton Denim and House Wool Ink.

It's easy for red, white and blue lovers to get the look at home with our handmade furniture range. So, if you're coming round to the idea of combining red, white and blue in your home, here's how to use these statement colours to stylish effect:

Pick 1 colour to dominate

There's no denying that red, white and blue gel together beautifully. But, it's often a good idea to choose one of the two colours to take the lead. And, use the others as accents introduced through accessories.

In white bathrooms for example, red and blue are ideal for providing contrasting colour pops. These can be inexpensively introduced through towel choices, lighting fixtures or bath mats.

Maintain balance

The key to using red, white and blue successfully is to balance each one against each other to just the right degree. So, instead of fighting for attention, they actually harmonise instead.

The balance in the colour of these red and white kitchen cupboards, versus the blue wall, is a perfect example of getting this just right. And, you can even take the look a step further by introducing utensils and cookware in contrasting red, white and blue too.

Do mix and match shades

There's a whole host of blue and red shades to embrace, not to mention a few spectrums on the white scale too. So, don't think you have to stick to just one of each colour.

Mixing multiple shades of blue or red in the same room is perfectly acceptable. And, actually creates a very stylish and grown up effect, especially with darker hues. As demonstrated in this blue, red and white master bedroom suite.

Break up block colours with prints

Decorating in a red white and blue colour palette doesn't have to mean sticking to solid block colours. Bringing in a print is a good way to break from tradition, and put your own original stamp on the theme.

Plus, you don’t have to go down the route of nautical stripes either. Geometric patterns as well as ditzy prints work just as well in blue, red and white too. And creates a feature in a room lacking a focal point.

Blend in other materials and colours

Finally, working with red, white and blue doesn't mean you have to stick to these colours only. You can still bring in other complementary tones and materials to make the look more your own.

Metal finishes such as gold and copper, work brilliantly against red, blue and white respectively. And, introducing elements of wood, and other textures, is a great way to take the look in a new direction.

Each and every one of our handcrafted furniture items comes in our full range of 130 different fabrics. So, getting the exact shade or blue, red or white (or any other colour for that matter) couldn't be easier. We'll even send you samples in advance so you can confirm your choice. And, once ordered, we'll hand make your chosen design from scratch, delivering to you door for free in just 4-5 weeks.

So, check out our entire range of fabrics on our samples page. Or, for more info or advice call our friendly Customer Service team on 020 8939 3800 or email [email protected].

Kind regards,

The Willow & Hall team