When it comes to finding the perfect hotel a picture says a thousand words. And most of us will choose a room that aligns with our own ideas about interior design. Even sacrificing a prime location for the sake of style.

And who can blame us?

But, what if you didn't have to wait until holiday to have a bedroom that's the envy of everyone?

Hotel style is about taking the ordinary and amplifying it. As well as bringing in little luxuries that make life more magical. Here's 5 easy ways to transform a bedroom into a hotel style retreat.

  1. Add an armchair or love seat

Forget sitting on a bed, a seating area is a benchmark of hotel style. So an armchair or love seat is a great place to begin when you're trying to recreate that hotel feel at home.

If your master bedroom or guest room is short on space, opt for armless, or slender frame styles (which take up less room) like The Hamptworth, pictured below.

Or, if size isn't an issue, a love seat like The GastardThe Atworth or The Downton work brilliantly in bedrooms. If you have a narrow and long proportioned room, stick a love seat at the bottom of your bed. Or if space allows create a separate seating area and add in a footstool such as The Sopworth or The Foxley.

The Hamptworth Armchair

  1. Invest in a comfy mattress

Hotel reputations are made on sleep quality so the best hotels go to great lengths to ensure their beds are comfy. Mattresses that are built to last should hold their shape and firmness for at least 10 years. So paying out a little more for a better style upfront will actually save you in the long term. Not to mention, you'll sleep much better too.

Mattresses typically come in three different types:

Open sprung

Pocket sprung

Memory foam

The style that suits you best depends on several factors, such as your weight, whether you sleep alone or with another person, and the position you sleep in. So there is a little science behind selecting your mattress type.

You can learn more about how to choose the perfect mattress style in our mattress buying guide.

  1. Opt for a statement headboard

While it's the full package that adds up to the perfect hotel room, the bed is always going to be the biggest piece of furniture in the room. And a statement headboard is a quick and easy fix you can make to your bedroom at home, to transform the entire look and feel of the room in line with hotel standards.

We offer a range of headboards that are available to purchase on their own, or with one of our bed base styles. Each one available in our full choice of over 200 fabrics. So you can easily find a style you like, and customise it in a colour to tie in with the rest of your bedroom décor too.

The Compton or The Hindon are great if you like diamond-pleating and button backed detailing. While a studded border style like The Malmesbury gives off a sophisticated baroque feel.

  1. Furnish with a few mod cons

These are some essentials that every hotel room has to have… a bed, a place to hang your clothes, lighting and plug sockets. But those are just the basics. If you really want to make your home bedroom feel like a hotel one, then introducing a few added mod cons is key.

A coffee maker is a great example of what we mean. Being able to make a coffee in your room is a luxury usually only reserved for hotel stays. So adding one in at home will instantly help to capture that hotel look and feel. As will an iPod dock or Bluetooth speaker, together with a TV.

  1. Appeal to all your senses

Hotel rooms aren’t just about physical comfort and a place to lay your head. The top hotels appeal to your other senses too (even if you might not pick up on it). So the final top 5 tip for giving your bedroom a hotel feel involves satisfying your sense of smell, as well as making sure your bedroom appeals visually too.

Fragrance is easy to introduce into a bedroom in multiple ways. You can plug in a diffuser with your favourite smell (or one that induces sleep like lavender), as well as using scented candles, and even freshly cut flowers (which also has the added benefit of making your bedroom look better too).

If you really want your room to look like a hotel though, take a look at Pinterest, Instagram and interiors websites for inspiration. A few mindfully placed accent throws and cushions will help make your bed look more inviting. And give it that professional hotel finish.

To see our full range of bed styles (including our mattresses) or to explore our armchair and love seat ranges visit www.willowandhall.co.uk .