In Britain, we're sticklers for good hospitality. Having houseguests come to stay is the ultimate test of our hosting skills - and our homes. After all, these fine folk aren't just popping in for a brief cuppa, they're staying the whole night! And who knows how long the next day too....

Hosting overnight guests is the first real test of how visitor-friendly your home is. So, if you want to pass the inspection with flying colours, here's our advice on how to create a room your overnight guests will love. Although, hopefully not so much they'll become frequent visitors.

Invest in a quality sofa bed

Nothing will irritate your guests quicker than a poor night's sleep so ensuring they have a comfortable bed for the night is a must. Don't be tempted to cut corners when it comes to your sofa bed choice. A decent sofa bed is an investment and a quality one will last you at least a decade. Not to mention, your guests will thank you for it.

To avoid an awkward breakfast exchange, make sure you opt for a sofa bed that has a high quality mattress included. Not only will this give you an occasional bed that's as comfortable as an everyday bed, it will also help with hygiene (you'll be able to air and turn your mattress) and maintain its shelf life.

A quality sofa bed is the key to longevity. Not only of your furniture, but of your friendships too. Scrimp on one at your peril!

Tips for creating the perfect guest room The Downton sofa/sofa bed in Stain Resistant Linen Cotton, Nordic Blue

It's a common misconception that sofa beds always have a contemporary appearance. Yet styles like The Downton bear period-inspired features, making it ideal for guest rooms in more traditionally styled homes.

Tips for creating the perfect guest room The Westbury modular sofa/sofa bed shown in Linen Cotton Dove

If space is an issue, a modular sofa bed is the perfect solution. Comprised of seating units that are individually connected together, The Westbury enables you to make up the exact size and configuration to suit your layout best. Plus, it still comes with your choice of high quality mattress too. From open and pocket sprung styles through to memory foam. So there's no compromise on sleep quality either.

Choose your furnishings wisely

Once you've settled on a quality sofa bed, you'll also have to dress the rest of your guests room with other practical pieces of furniture. It's best to start off with your sofa bed in its intended position and then work your way out from here. Don't forget to also allow for the sofa bed being pulled out too. Doing this might seem tedious but it will help you make sensible decisions about the other furnishings in the room.

A blanket box is a great choice for a guest room as it can serve multiple purposes. Styles such as The Bentham are perfect for providing a soft-topped surface to act as a seating area in a guest room. What's more, a quality blanket box also gives you extra space to store bedding for your guests exclusive use. Or, if your guest room doubles up as your kids' playroom between uses, its a great place to store and tidy away toys when your guests come to stay. If your guest room isn't quite big enough to comfortably accommodate a blanket box then a hallway or entryway is another great home for this supremely practical piece of furniture.

Tips for creating the perfect guest room The Bentham Blanket Box shown in House Velvet, Gunmetal

An armchair is another great way to give your guest room a touch of style. As well as providing comfy respite and a pew for your guests to put their feet up in privacy. An armchair in a guest room also helps to convey a feeling of staying in a hotel. Which is one way to make sure your guests are truly comfortable away from home.

Sure an armchair in your guest room is more of a luxury item than a necessity, but don't forget your guest room is also a spare room in your house. One you can make use of between visitors coming to spend the night. So, if the living room has been taken over by the kids and their friends. Or, the TV is so loud you can't hear yourself think a guest room is a place you can escape to and to get some peace, quiet and serious alone time. It's a place to get away from the madness, hustle, and bustle of home life.

So yes, on the surface an armchair in a guest room might seem like a luxury. But it also serves a very practical purpose.

Tips for creating the perfect guest room The Hamptworth armchair shown in House Linen Argent

Buy a beautifully upholstered bedstead

There's no greater luxury in another guest room than arriving to find an actual bed greeting you. So if space allows, a bedstead is the ultimate way to spoil your guests and ensure their comfort.

Tips for creating the perfect guest room The Winterslow bed shown in House Velvet Fossil

Bedsteads like The Winterslow are perfect for transforming your guest room from a humble spare room to a hotel-grade retreat. One your guests will be clamouring to stay in. An upholstered headboard makes an impactful and stylish statement in a room. Plus, because it can be covered in a fabric type and colour of your choice, a bedstead is the ideal way to get a bespoke bed that ties in perfectly with your guest room décor.

Tips for creating the perfect guest roomThe Avebury Ottoman storage bed shown in Stain Resistant Broad Weave Linen, Wolf Grey

A divan base with built-in drawers, or an ottoman that lifts up, won’t only provide a comfortable bed for your guests to sleep in. It will also offer internal area to store bulky items like bed sheets and towels out of sight until needed. Helping to claw back valuable space in airing cupboards and wardrobes, while keeping your home beautifully presented and clutter free.

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