We've all been there. It's hours before overnight guests are arriving and that de-cluttering you were going to 'get around to' is still halfway down your to-do list. Before you know it time's up and your guests are (yet again) facing a night of room sharing alongside those piles of dusty DVDs. But, there's a way to avoid this sleeping scenario and ensure your guest room is always visitor-ready. And, that's by investing in top sofa bed styles with hidden storage inside.

We know what you're thinking. But, let us assure you these magical furniture styles really do exist. And, we're here to bring you the best of them. So, no matter your interior tastes, here are our top 5 storage sofa beds with storage to ensure your guests arrive to a calm, clutter-free sleep quarters. Now, wouldn't that be nice?

The Tidworth Chaise Storage Sofa and Sofa Bed

Top sofa bed styles with storage

The Tidworth Chaise Storage Sofa/Sofa Bed in Stain Resistant Linen Cotton, Nordic Blue

This classic beauty features handcrafted wooden bun feet and slender shaped arms, rounded off at the ends to give a smooth shape. Our upholsterers have gone the extra mile with this one. They showcase some of the best of British craftsmanship in The Tidworth's pretty piping and neat pin-tucking. And, secret storage is located inside the chaise while the sofa bed neatly folds away beneath the seats.

The Minety Modular Sofa and Sofa Bed

Top sofa bed styles with storage

The Minety 7 Seater Modular Storage Sofa/Sofa Bed in Linen Cotton, Seal

Just when you thought sofa beds couldn't get any more practical (and in this case stylish) along comes The Minety to tear up the rulebook. Part of our modular range, The Minety doubles up on practicality by not only housing a bed inside its slender frame but also featuring clever internal storage underneath too.

The Ashwell Chaise Storage Sofa and Sofa Bed

The Ashwell Chaise Sofa Bed

The Ashwell Chaise Storage Sofa/Sofa Bed in Linen Cotton, French Navy

This one has been stealing hearts since we introduced it to our range. Slightly more modern in its appearance, The Ashwell is just as squidgy as our more traditional storage sofa bed styles. Featuring a roomy storage compartment underneath its chaise, The Ashwell is perfect for keeping clutter contained and making mess disappear. Plus, with the addition of a sofa bed beneath its seats, The Ashwell is ideal for a living room space that houses occasional overnight guests.

The Marston Chaise Storage Sofa and Sofa Bed

top storage sofa beds

The Marston Chaise Storage Sofa Bed in Washed Cotton, Lightning

There's no question mark over comfort credentials when it comes to The Marston. The Marston doesn't skimp on practicality. Housing a nifty storage compartment in its chaise, the lid lifts up smoothly to give you access to the storage space inside, making it easy to throw in clutter when time is getting away from you.

The Westbury Modular Sofa and Sofa Bed with Ottoman

Top sofa bed styles with storage

The Westbury Modular Sofa/Sofa Bed with Ottoman in Linen Cotton, Dove

We've invested our trademark ingenuity into this clever modular style. The Westbury, with its hidden storage compartment located inside the ottoman, gives you ample space to squirrel away bedding, throws or other bulky items. So, it negates the need for extra storage furniture in the room. And, it saves precious floor space in the process.

So, there you have it, our top 5 sofa beds with storage. The crème de la crème of our lovingly handcrafted storage sofa bed styles. We have so many more styles to choose from besides our top 5, all of which are available in any of our 150 unique fabric options. Why not explore our full range of sofa beds? Or, if you have any questions, contact our expert team on 020 8939 3800.