Living close to Hampton Court Palace I often walk past the souvenir shops when I’m grabbing my coffee. The thing which stands out the most is probably the Union Jack. It’s printed on everything you can think of, starting with coffee mugs and pencils and ending with sofa cushions and huge posters. Although most of the stuff in these shops is very touristy, sometimes I stumble upon a few beautiful things which could be really nice decor pieces.

The Union Jack's association with style is a tricky one - it seems to be either incredibly tacky or outlandishly cool, but never in the middle due to the bright and contrasting colours.

Larger objects decorated with the British flag work really well in eclectic interiors such as the one below. Together with the enormous hunting trophy above the fireplace and the American flag in the background, the Union Jack daybed creates a surprisingly stylish overall feeling:

The Union Jack as a Decor Element 1


Who said you have to limit yourself with a single element? The cushion and the refrigerator below both boast the Union Jack and look kitschy in a rather good way in this interior. Add that to the Chesterfield sofa and the Eames lounge chair and it all becomes so quintessentially British:

The Union Jack as a Decor Element 2


I really like the one below – this type of mural (or wallpaper) would look amazing on a large loft wall:

The Union Jack as a Decor Element 3


On the other hand, using a British flag in interior design can be really subtle as well: look how it brings some much-needed colour into the greyscale interior below:

The Union Jack as a Decor Element 4