As a luxury furniture designer and retailer, Willow and Hall often get asked by the press for tips on choosing the right piece of furniture for a particular space.  One of the most common questions asked related to this topic is how do you make sure a sofa compliments the space and décor it's in.  Well here are our top tips for how!

Firstly you need think about the size you need.  Consider the proportions of the room to work out what size would fit best as well as what else other than the sofa will be in the space.  A sofa needs to fit into the overall space but also fit with the other large items in the room.  If you’re finding it hard to visualise the proportions try laying down cardboard, covering the exact area of the sofa and any other large items in the room (not glamorous but it really helps!)

Secondly it’s important to consider what shape and style will complement the décor and fit naturally in your home. If your style is sleek and modern, pick a sofa with simple and clean lines that reflects that.  If your home is traditional then look for a sofa with rolled arms, a contoured back, or a skirting/ valance. LYNEHAM FOR BLOG

Thirdly consider how you will use the sofa in the room. Do you like to unwind in front of the TV whilst lying on the couch?  Choose a style with relatively low and curved inner arms so you can rest your head comfortably.  Is it a large space with multiple functions? Try an L-shaped sofa to help divide the room up into the functions you want.

Edington head on cush


Fourthly consider the position of the sofa.  If you like to watch TV make sure it’s positioned in front of it; if you like to socialise a lot on the sofas consider a rounded sofa or two sofas facing each other with a coffee table in the middle.  Also consider the flow of space – far too often sofas are positioned in such a way that people have to manoeuvre themselves around them to get out of the room…remember your sofa should fit around you and your lifestyle not the other way around.

Finally, since sofas are such a big investment, you'll want yours to stay in fashion as long as possible. Given that, I recommend sticking with a fairly neutral fabric. You can add colour and pattern through cushions and throws (some extreme examples of how below... you get the idea!) - a far easier and less expensive way to subtly change the look of your sofa if you decide to change your décor.  You’ll also want your sofa to last you for as long as possible which is why functionality is just as key as aesthetics when choosing the right material.  Find out what the rub counts and cleaning instructions are for the fabrics to get an idea of their durability and practicality. As a rule, synthetic fabrics are more durable, colourfast and cleanable. Tightly woven fabrics and fabrics that are heavy will stand up to wear and tear better, as will leather.

 A Vintage Zest for Your Sofa 2

Left to right: Hot pink 80’s inspired flamingos and stars cushion, £8 (cover only) at Cupcakes and Chopsticks; A hand-made retro cassette cushion, £14 at Snug as a Bug; A beautiful Helen Trast’s Mombasa fabric cushion, £11 (cover only) on eBay.

That's it for this weeks savvy tips but look out for our next set coming soon!


The Willow and Hall Team