No matter if you opt for a single, double, king or super king, your bed is the star furniture piece in your bedroom. So, making it stand out is a must if you want to create an impactful bedroom statement.

One quick and easy way of doing this (that really makes your bed pop) is by framing it either side. This puts your bed centre stage, and the symmetry helps to draw the eye in, just like when you frame a piece of art.

So, if your bedroom lacks a clear focus, framing your bed is the way forward. Here's 5 simple ways you can create this statement look at home, using colour, furniture and just a few accessories (you probably already have).

Statement Lamps

Product featured: The Malmesbury bed

Keep lamps colour coordinated for extra impact

Bedside lamps are a handy thing to have in a bedroom, particularly if you're someone who likes to burn the midnight oil with a good book. But, lamps are also an ideal way to frame your bed too. And, one of the simplest ways you can create statement symmetry in your bedroom.

Here's how to use lamps to make your bed stand out:

  • Opt for the same style on both sides of your bed
  • Choose a strong colour (ideally one that coordinates with your bedding)
  • Space the lamps exactly the same distance apart

Between Two Windows

Product featured: The Salisbury bed

Most people shy away from positioning their bed beneath, or beside, a window, preferring to angle it face on to the view instead. But, windows are a perfect (ready-made) way of framing a bed using your room's natural layout. And, positioning your bed between two windows ensures that this statement furniture piece remains the focus of attention. 

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Product featured: The Neston bed 

Matching mirrors frame a bed beautifully

Aside from their practical benefits, mirrors are also perfect for bouncing light around a room, and opening up smaller spaces. And, most bedrooms will feature at least one. But, two identical mirrors, positioned either side of a bed, not only creates a strong style statement - the symmetry also helps to frame your bed beautifully too.

Colour play

Product featured: The Yarnbrook bed

Cool colours ensure your bed stands out

Another classic way to tip the focus in your bed's favour is by surrounding it with sedate colours - which help to propel your bed forward, ensuring it's the star of the show. Cool whites, taupe tones and dove greys are all perfect for achieving this effect. What's more, they're timeless too. So, you can use your bedding to channel current colour trends, while keeping your cabinets, lighting and accessories to muted tones.

Contrasting Cabinets

Product featured: The Harnham bed

A table either side of the bed creates balance

A bedside table or cabinet is a commonplace bedroom staple. And, one of the most useful furniture pieces after your bed. But, rather then have a single bedside table only, two identical tables, positioned either side of your bed, creates a harmonious balance. One that's aesthetically pleasing on the eye, and ensures your bed is the star attraction.

4 Statement Headboards To Give Your Bed Gravitas

Another way to add drama to your bedroom and create an impactful look is with your headboard. So, if you want to amplify the statement factor in a master or guest suite, these 4 headboard styles are up to the task.

The Compton

Product featured: The Compton storage bed

Deep diamond pleating gives The Compton its defining look

The Braydon

Product featured: The Braydon storage bed

The Braydon's vertical pleats draw the eye down to your bed

The Ramsbury

Product featured: The Ramsbury headboard

This gently curved headboard is the epitome of elegance

3 tips for buying the right bed

Looking to update your bed with a brand new statement style? Here's 3 top tips when you're shopping around for a new bed to buy.

Double check the dimensions

Ours are taken from the widest points, so use this as a guide to gauge how much space a bed with occupy in the room. And if you're not sure, map out the area with newspaper to get a realistic feel for its footprint.

Update your mattress at the same time

The best quality mattresses are designed to last up to 10 years. So if you're investing in a brand new bed, make sure you also update your mattress too. Otherwise, you risk compromising your comfort or the level of support your new bed gives you.

Do the elbow test

If you're sharing your new bed with a partner do this simple exercise to make sure the width is enough for you both to sleep comfortably. Lie down side by side, with your hands behind your head, and elbows pointing out. And, if you and your partner touch, the bed isn't big enough.

For more information, our bed buying guide has even more useful advice around choosing a bed style to suit you. Or, for friendly help and advice from our team simply call 020 8939 3800 or via our contact-us form.

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