As a recognised designer and retailer of high quality sofa beds we often get asked by the press for tips to their customers on how to buy the right one.  This week, as we fast approach the Christmas season, we know that many of you might be considering purchasing one for your lovely guests to sleep in comfort on.  The question is, with so many options out there how do you know you're making the right choice and how can you ensure your sofa bed is not just for Christmas (sorry terrible pun!) and works in your lovely home beyond that?  Unsure?... well read on below for some top nuggets of advice.

Top tips: Pick a sofa bed that looks like a sofa

A sofa bed should look as stylish as a sofa.  It’s an important and large purchase so you need to love the look of the sofa bed as much as you would if you were choosing a sofa.  It sounds simple but many customers tell us in the past they've had to settle for a design they don’t love because the sofa designs they really like don’t come as sofa beds.
Check out our gorgeous Elmley sofa compromise on style here!

Top tips: Comfort is key

It's of course of paramount importance that something is very comfortable as a sofa and sofa bed so steer clear of any designs which don’t use a high quality sofa bed mechanism and mattress.  The trampoline type mechanisms do not offer as good support as wooden slatted and webbed mechanisms so make sure you opt for the latter.  Secondly make sure you opt for a sprung mattress or proper memory foam mattress rather than a thin foam mattress which many sofa beds come with.  These will not offer a high level of comfort for you or your guests.  You and your guests should not have to compromise on comfort when sleeping on a sofa bed.

A wooden slatted and webbed mechanism and a high quality mattress (above and below) are non-negotiable!

Top tips: Size matters

Think about the sizing of the sofa bed which will depend on how you intend to use it.  If only one person is going to be sleeping on the sofa bed mattress then you could opt for a small double mattress such as the ones which come with all our 2 seater sofa beds.  However, if for example two people will be sleeping on it regularly then you will want to opt for a double bed such as the ones which come with all our 3 seater sofa beds.

In summary:

To summarise the above, when buying a sofa bed always make sure you can answer yes to the following:

    • Does the sofa bed offer me superb style when closed as a sofa?
    • Does the sofa bed have a high quality sprung or memory foam mattress (not a thin foam one)?
    • Does the sofa bed have a wooden slatted and webbed mechanism?
    • Can I purchase a 2 or 3 seater sofa bed for around £1,500 or less? (Yes you really can purchase a super sofa bed with all of the above for around this price)

We hope these tips are helpful however if you need any further help then please don't hesitate to contact our friendly customer services team on 020 8939 3800 who will be more than happy to help.

Best wishes,

The Willow and Hall Team